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cover imageFEL XIV: Reversing Language Shift: How to Re-awaken a Language Tradition
Editors: Hywel Glyn Lewis
& Nicholas Ostler

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Hywel Glyn Lewis
& Nicholas Ostler
Section 1 Keynotes
Conchúr Ó Giollagáin The Eclipse of the First Language Minority Speaker: Deficiencies in Ethnolinguistic Acquisition and its Evasive Discourse
Jane Simpson Mother-tongue-medium Education: Lessons from the Australian Backlash
Glyn Williams Theoretical Principles of Language Change
Section 2 Attitudinal Issues
Peter J. Keegan, Alison Jones & Gavin T. L. Brown Indigenous language and culture for mainstream teacher education: students' knowledge and attitudes
Anthony Jukes Someone else's job: externalizing responsibility for language maintenance
Ane Ortega
& Estibaliz Amorrortu
The attitudes of non-minority language speakers to minority language revitalization: what are non-Basque speakers prepared to do for Basque?
Section 3 Government-supported Strategies and Community-initiated Projects
Kenneth MacKinnon Growing a new generation of Gaelic speakers: an action plan in response to a Ministerial initiative
Colm Ó Cinnseala Language Planning - from Theory to Practice
Salem Mezhoud Ideologies of Unification and the Practice of Revitalization. Tamazight saw it all ...or almost.
Robert Dunbar Does Scottish Gaelic need a Gàidhealtachd policy?
Sheri J. Tatsch Language Revitalization in Northern California : Reports from the Field
Julia Sallabank What are the aims of language revitalization? A critical review of the situation in Guernsey (Channel Islands )
Section 4 Teaching-resource Creation for Language Revitalization
Laura Berbusse
& Mike Clauss
Lomnak Majol
Aaron Waldrip
& Mary Walworth
The Fua Le'o Project: promoting self-publication in Polynesian language
Section 5 Language Use and Standards
Philippa Law Interacting with the BBC : the maintenance of 'authentic' vs. 'proper' Welsh
John Hunt Peacock The Good News and the Bad News about Reviving my Spirit Lake Dakota Nation's Endangered Language
Gari Lewis
& Jeni Smallwood

Pobl Ifanc:Ymbweru er mwyn Gweithredu
Young People: Empowering for Action

Section 6 The Role of the Education System in Language Shift and its Reversal
Nge Deris Meh
& Kayam Fokoue Carole
Towards a revitalization of Cameroonian languages via formal education
Everlyn Oiruria
& Beatrice Clayre
Language Revitalisation and reversing language shift: Special problems in a multi - lingual and Cultural Context - A case of vernacular languages in Kenya

Section 7 Language Standardisation
Jenefer Lowe Four Spellings and a Strategy
Section 8 Intergenerational Transmission
Seyed Hadi Mirvahedi
& Nima Nasjian
Is Azeri Going to Live or Leave? A critical study of institutional supports available to Azeri in Tabriz , Iran

Cassie Smith-Christmas Language Practices in the Home: Gaelic and Usage over Three Generations
Olimpia Rasom Language policy strategies: starting from women a better chance?
Finale Foundation for Endangered Languages: Manifesto

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