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cover imageFEL XVI: Language Endangerment in the 21st Century: Globalisation, Technology and New Media
Editors: Tania Ka’ai, Muiris O Laoire, Nicholas Ostler,
Rachael Ka'ai-Mahuta, Dean Mahuta & Tania Smith

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Tania Ka’ai, Muiris O Laoire & Nicholas Ostler Language endangerment in the contemporary world: Globalisation, technology and new media
Timoti Karetu Mai i kore ki matatau
SESSION 1 Technology and cultural knowledge: Documentation, transmission and resource
Tjeerd de Graaf & Erich Kasten The use of information technology for the preservation and teaching of Indigenous languages in Siberian cultures
Hinematau McNeill The interface between techology, oral tradition & digital repository
Rachael Ka’ai-Mahuta Utilising technology for the preservation and dissemination of Māori song
Hana O’Regan Mai i kā kokoka o te kākau ki te ao: The role of technology in transmitting language examples across public and private domains within the Kāi Tahu language revitalisation context
SESSION 2 Television and endangered languages
Seyed Hadi Mirvahedi The role of satellite channels in language shift/maintenance: The case of Tabriz, Iran
Ruth Lysaght Show your Bród! Non-fluent speakers in minority language media – Changing the rules
SESSION 3 Technology: Archiving, lexicography, translation, databases
Michael Walsh Archives, endangered languages and discoverability
John Moorfield Making endangered languages accessible: The advantages of creating a digital dictionary
Uinseann Mac Thómais (Vincent Holmes) Language planning in a digital age
SESSION 4 Technology: Teaching and learning endangered languages
Peter Keegan, Catherine Watson, Jeanette King, Margaret Maclagan & Ray Harlow The role of technology in measuring changes in the pronunciation of Maori over generations
Katerina Naitoro The glottal catch: Writing ’Are’are in the era of modern technology
Tania Ka’ai & Dean Mahuta REO Online language learning systems: Technologies for endangered languages
Peter Keegan, Catherine Watson The role of technology in measuring changes in the pronunciation
Elisa Duder Te ao kohatu ki te ao rokiroki: The development of Maori language proficiency and the use of digital technologies
Paora Mato, Te Taka Keegan, Daniel Cunliffe & Tara Dalley Perception and use of software with a Maori-language interface in Maori-medium schools of New Zealand
Lidu Gong Whiwhia ou ngakau, ou mahara, kia puta ki te whaiao ki te ao marama - My te reo transformative learning experience
SESSION 5 Social media, press and endangered languages
Paora Mato What is the role of technology within a Maori language strategy?
Kevin Scannell Translating Facebook into endangered languages
Eda Derhemi There is still need for the local small newspaper in communities with endangered languages: Mondon Albanese of Arbëresh
SESSION 6 Multiple perspectives on language endangerment in the 21st century
Ghil’ad Zuckermann & Paul Monaghan Revival linguistics and the new media: Talknology in the service of the Barngarla language reclamation
Aniruddha Mandlik & Ravindra Tasildar Efforts for the revitalisation of Sanskrit on a local level: A case study
Saiqa Asif "My Baba is doing Pooja": ’Media tongue replacing Mother tongue’

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