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SOILLSE – FEL, Glasgow
6-8 June 2016

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Small Language Planning: Communities in Crisis

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University of Glasgow, 6th-8th June 2016

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:

Building on the success of the Soillse conferences held in 2011 and 2015, and a number of FEL conferences (recently 2015 The Music of Endangered Languages) and 2014 Indigenous Languages: Value to the Community) this conference aims to provide a forum for minority language researchers, policy makers, practitioners and activists to exchange research findings and experiences in order to stimulate fresh perspectives on minority language revitalisation.

This conference also marks the 20th anniversary of FEL, an organisation which seeks to promote language diversity and prevent or stop language endangerment. In many cases, minority languages are vulnerable and many of them may even face extinction if no measures are taken to ensure their documentation, preservation and/or revitalisation. These measures may involve processes and initiatives of language planning, both in linguistic terms and policy-making, as well as archiving and education at state and community levels. Thus, although not limited to small language planning, the particular focus of this year’s conference lies in language planning issues at the meso and micro levels, strategic interventions in support of minority language groups with weaker demographic densities, as well as to minority languages considered ‘stateless’ and/or without state support.


The conference will be held at the WILT complex at the beautiful University of Glasgow ... more information on how to get to the University of Glasgow.


Download the draft conference programme.


Registration is now closed.


Information on accommodation:

See the above links for good lists of accommodation options at the University and in the West End of the city where the university is located. As a rough guide, hotels and B&Bs in the West End typically are about a twenty minute walk from the university while accommodation in the city centre generally is about a twenty-minute bus ride/ten minute subway ride. If looking in the West End, post codes G11 and G3 tend to be near the university, but do check on a map. (As well, some of these listings are far outside the city centre/West End of Glasgow, so be sure to check the location before you book).

For further information, please contact Dr Cassie Smith-Christmas at soillseconference2016@gmail.com.

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