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2013 FEL Grants announced

This year 20 grants were awarded for a total of just over $19,000 (US). Following is a list of the successful applicants, with brief details of their projects, and provisional sums awarded shown in US dollars:

Grantee Country Language supported Grant in US$ (approx) Purpose
Mary Paster USA Rumsen (Costanoan); California, USA $864 Developing materials
Mark Post Switzerland Tangam, Tibet, India $1,000 Developing dictionary
Katherine Bell USA Blackfoot language, Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Glacier County, Montana, USA $688 Data collection
Nathalie Pires Vlcek Brazil Tuyuka Alto Tiquie River in the Brazilian northwest Amazonian area $1,000 Documentation
Palash Kumar Nath India Singpho spoken in the Tinsukia district of Upper Assam in Northeast India $965 Developing materials
Amos Teo Australia Sumi, spoken mainly in Zunheboto district, Nagaland, NE India $984 Development of mother tongue literacy
Emmanuel Ngue Um Cameroun Leti language spoken in Cameroun $868 Developing Learning centre
Ismail Avci Turkey Laz, Northeast Black sea region of Turkey $1,000 Developing reading and course book
Bethany Ojalehto USA Ngobere, Panama $1,000 Develop curriculum
Carol Priestley Australia Koromu, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea $935 Development of reading and audio-visual materials
Tingsheng Zhou China Tulihua dialect $915 Survey
Vera Ferreira Portugal Minderico (ISO Code [drc]), spoken in Minde (Portugal) $991 Developing teaching software
Akpobome Diffre-Odiete Nigeria Okpe (ISO 639- 3:oke), Urhobo (ISO 639-3:urh) and Uvwie (ISO 639-3:evh) in Delta State, Nigeria $1,000 Linguistic and Cultural Documentation
Jeanette Wiens Canada Dene Suline (Athabaskan), Dillon, Saskatchewan, Canada $904 Transcription
Anna Vladimirova Finland Khakas language $976 Early Childhood Project
Elena Mihas Australia Asheninka Perene $1,000 Production of dictionary
Musombwa Igunzi Michel DR Congo Kinyindu $996 Data collection and publication
Firuz Sabzaliev Tajikistan Shughni $1,000 Translation of film into Shughni
Bkarshis Bzangro ZHAXIRONGBU China Nyagrong Minyag $990 Making a DVD
Sarbajit Singh India Kharam language of Manipur, India $1,000 Developing materials

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