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2. Development of the Foundation

FEL Executive Committee Meeting, 27 March 1999 2, Wanbourne Lane, Nettlebed, Berkshire


Nick Ostler (Chair), Margaret Allen, Nigel Birch (Acting Secretary), Chris Moseley

Apologies had been received from Heather King, John Clews, Karen Johnson-Weiner and Mahendra Verma.

1. Minutes of the last meeting, held on 28 November 1998

These were approved as a correct record.

With respect to the item concerning the anniversary of Ned Madrell's death, the Committee affirmed its willingness to take action to commemorate the event.

2. Changes to the Constitution: appointment of new officers

Nick Ostler reminded the Committee that the Constitution allowed for up to 9 members, two of whom could be coopted. There were currently 12 members of the Committee. In addition the Committee should elect a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer. There was currently a vacancy for Secretary and Margaret Allen had expressed a wish to stand down as Treasurer, a duty currently combined with that of Membership Secretary.

Various members had volunteered to assist: Alison Henry (not presently a Committee member) as Secretary, Heather King: Membership Secretary, John Clews for the same, and to assist with the website. Karen Johnson-Weiner and Barbara Pritchard had also offered to help.

No decision was taken about the numbers on the Committee, but it was agreed that Alison Henry be offered the post of Secretary, although this could not be confirmed until the AGM. In the interim, Nigel Birch would act as Secretary. [Nigel Birch subsequently volunteered to accept the post formally, and has been duly appointed for this year, being an elected member of the Committee.]

Chris Moseley agreed to take on the post of Treasurer.

It was agreed that Heather King be asked to become Membership Secretary.

John Clews would be asked to present some ideas about how the web site could be developed.

3. Financial matters

Margaret Allen tabled a financial statement.

There was currently a balance _730.49 which did not take into account recent sales (3 copies) of the conference proceedings. There had also been a donation of _10.

It was noted that the bank charges for transferring the money awarded in grants were high. Now that 10% was being withheld prior to receipt of a report, this would place an extra burden on resources for sending out this final amount.

4 Membership matters

Margaret Allen tabled a summary of the current membership.

There were now 157 names registered, but 7 of these had never paid. It was also noted that if all the lapsed subscriptions were paid it would represent an immediate income of nearly 1000.

After discussion it was decided that the President would contact the seven and see if they would pay. Action Nick Ostler

5. Fund-raising

Nick Ostler reported that he had not contacted the organisations he had identified at the end of the last year (and reported on at the previous meeting). He would do this. Action Nick Ostler



The matter of fundraising outside of the income generated from subscriptions was discussed. Whilst it was possible to contact celebrities to ask for support, they need to be given a purpose. This was currently lacking. It was agreed that a Fundraising Subcommittee be set up to consider ways of raising money. This would be a 'virtual' group, operating by email and it would be asked to report at the AGM. Nigel Birch agreed to set this up and to seed some ideas to start the discussion. Action Nigel Birch

6. Grants

It was noted that all the grants awarded in November had now been approved and all but that to Elena Benedicto issued. This last delay was due to the applicant, not the Foundation.

It appeared that demand for the next round was going to be heavy. Several unsuccessful applicants had already let it be known that they intended to re-apply and other enquiries were being received.

Chris Moseley agreed to write an article for 'Ogmios' setting out the policy on grant giving and saying what was being done with the money. Action Chris Moseley

7. Publications

Nick Ostler reported that there had been no further news from 'Multilingual Matters' who had agreed to publish the proceedings of the Edinburgh conference.

8. Next Conference

Nick Ostler tabled a paper summarising the present position. Thirteen abstracts and one suggestion for a talk had been submitted. He noted that there were no presentations from Wales or Australia.

After discussion it was decided that it would be worthwhile eliciting talks from invited speakers. This could place a burden on the finances however and Nick Ostler agreed to think of ways of paying for invited speakers. Suggestions were seeking sponsorship from multinational companies in Ireland, or from publishers who could use the event to advertise their wares. Action Nick Ostler

Publicity was then discussed. So far this had only been done via email on appropriate lists. No other ways of doing this were suggested on a wider basis. It might be possible to generate local interest via the Irish press. In any event, any further publicity, either by email to encourage participation, or to the press, would need more information on what the meeting would actually cover. It was agreed that this aspect should be pursued once keynote speakers had been identified.

It was noted that someone would need to handle the postal registrations for the conference. It was suggested that this could be done by the Membership Secretary, as we wanted to use the attendance at the meeting to generate more members.

9. Campaigns
10. Ogmios
11. Website

These items were not discussed as there was nothing to report.

12. Next Meeting

The next meeting would follow the AGM at the Conference in Maynooth, Eire, 17-19 September, the exact time to be arranged later.

13. Any other business

There was no other business.