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9. Publications of Interest

COMPASS: Minority Language Population Censuses

COMPASS: Report and Proceedings of Colloquium on Minority-language Population-censuses And Social Surveys, a conference of 25 European lesser-used languages demography specialists held at University of Hertfordshire 1-4 Sept 1993. (Organiser: Prof Kenneth MacKinnon, with support from EU Task Force Resources Humaines)

The report comprises 18 articles covering most of the EU lesser-used languages, 238 pages, including numerous tables, maps, diagrams.

Available post free (at) £15 from Gaelic Books Council, 22 Mansefield Street, Glasgow G11 5QP Scotland Tel: 0141-337-6211 (fax: 0141-341-0515)

Zapotec Dictionary of San Lucas Quiavini, by Pamela Monroe and Felipe Lopez

Los Angeles, Oct 20, 1999 (EFE via COMTEX) -- The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) has published the first dictionary in Zapotec, the language spoken by Indians in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

The initial 500-book issue of the dictionary, which includes 9,000 words translated into English and Spanish is aimed at the 50,000 Oaxaca Indians living in the state of California.

The UCLA Center for Chicano Studies said that the first dictionaries on sale this week had been purchased by Mixtec and Zapotec Indians living in the Los Angeles area.

This is the second event favoring the Oaxaca Indians living in California, in addition to the fact that several legal organizations are teaching interpreters to translate directly from the Oaxaca Indian language to English and Spanish.

The "Zapotec Dictionary of San Lucas Quiavini," as the dictionary is called, bears the name of the town where the dictionary's main author, Felipe Lopez, a Oaxaca Indian who arrived in California as an undocumented immigrant more than 20 years ago, was raised.

Lopez said that he prepared the dictionary spurred by the notion that his language might disappear, because it had never been written and because many of his fellow Indians were increasingly forced to speak Spanish.

Lopez came illegally to California to work in agriculture and then moved on to Los Angeles, where he got a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant until he became a legal resident.

The dictionary was prepared with the help and contribution of language researcher Pamela Munroe and the head of the Chicano Studies Center at UCLA, Guillermo Hernandez.

The dictionary, the first of its kind to be published in the United States amd Mexico, was compiled in two volumes and, according to Lopez, could pave the way for similar works on Indian traditions and culture.

A UCLA language specialist, Pamela Munroe, said during the presentation of the book Wednesday that the Zapotec language had roots similar to those of other languages spoken in Oaxaca and in northern Chiapas, such as Trique and Mixe. She added that the language is somewhat similar to Mazatec.
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XSARAHX(at) 24 Sep 1999
Bonjour, le premier CD évenement de SARAH vient de sortir. Après une centaine de concerts dans 11 pays différents, ce groupe (très) controversé vient de coucher son originalité et sa puissance sur 4 titres... "Troublant", "inquiétant", "au delà de tout ce qui à été fait jusqu'à aujourd'hui" sont les expressions et qualificatifs entendus ou lus ici et là pour décrire ce qu'est SARAH. Chanté en Brezhoneg, Gallo et français, le CD "Ez Eterniñmens" est disponible pour 50 Frs (Port compris) à l'adresse suivante: SARAH c/o Lécuyer BP52 35742 Pacé cédex. Bretagne via france ou par téléphone: +33-6 87 31 21 22.



D'autres part, un Mp3 est disponible sur le site officiel de SARAH

Kenavo ! Chutiaù

"Assiniboine Storytelling with Signs" interactive CD ROM Brenda Farnell bfarnell(at)

"Assiniboine Storytelling with Signs" is an interactive CD ROM available from U of Texas Press ($40.00). It was published alongside my book "Do You See What I Mean?: Plains Indian Sign Talk and the Embodiment of Action." (U of Texas-- the hardback is currently on sale for $20.00). To order call +1 800 252-3206 or write to U of Texas Press P.O. Box 7819, Austin Texas 78713-7819.

This CD ROM pioneered the presentation of ethnographic materials in an interactive format and won an award for Best CD ROM at the 1996 International Native Americas Film Festival. It documents Assiniboine (Siouan) storytelling performances with Plains Sign Language. Users have access to video recordings of the performances, transcriptions (of both words and signs), translations, photos, songs, comments by the storytellers and their relatives, and additional ethnographic and grammatical information. There is also a "Labanhelp" program that teaches you how to read Labanotation - the movement script used to transcribe the sign language. I have used the CD ROM successfully in both undergraduate and graduate language and culture courses as well as discourse analysis classes.

I find that the interactive format has many advantages over video for classroom use--students learn more actively and can discover different aspects of the material at their own pace. One can also assign specific tasks that employ the material in different ways given the particular interests and level of the class.

New English-Cornish dictionary

Nicholas Williams' new English-Cornish dictionary will be published in early 2000 by Everson Gunn Teoranta and Agan Tavas. Subcriptions are now being taken; the dictionary is twice the size of any previous English-Cornish dictionary and employs Unified Cornish Revised orthography.
For more information, please see

Michael Everson
Everson Gunn Teoranta
15 Port Chaeimhghein Íochtarach; Baile Átha Cliath 2; Éire/Ireland
Vox +353 1 478 2597 Fax 2597

Nationalismes Regionaux en Europe

Hérodote, the prestige journal of geopolitics founded and edited by Yves Lacoste, has dedicated its latest issue to the theme "Nationalismes régionaux en Europe". Its contains atricles on the European minorities: Corsica, Catalonia, Celtic lands, Kosovo, Germany and Belgium.

Authors include Loyer, Tourret, Roudaut e Bernabéu-Casanova.

NATIONALISMES REGIONAUX EN EUROPE, Hérodote, n. 95, 1999, pp. 163, FF 115.

Available from the publisher at: Hérodote, 33 rue Croulebarbe, F-75013 Paris, France.