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10. Publications of Interest

University of Malawi/GTZ: Towards a National Language Policy in Education; and Sociolinguistic Surveys of Four Malawian Languages - Chiyao, Chitumbuka, Chilomwe and Chisena

Dr Joachim Friedrich Pfaffe wrote, on 31 Jan 2000:
Malawi is approaching a positive decision regarding mother tongue instruction in Primary Schools, and the German Technical Co-operation Agency GTZ has just completed a publication entitled "Towards a National Language Policy in Education", being the proceedings of the First National Symposium on Language Policy Formulation. It focusses on the Malawian languages Chiyao, Chitumbuka, Chilomwe and Chisena.

Another publication available is a sociolinguistic survey which gives interesting insights into the interdependences of linguistics and education within the Malawian context. This publication is also available free of charge to any FEL member requesting it.

Feedback on the publications would be very welcome!

The editor notes:
Copies have been distributed free from Malawi to those of FEL who requested them from Joe by e-mail. Howver, he is no longer there. I still have two spare copies of each here in England which I could send at cost on request.

Linguistic Cultures of the World, by Philip M. Parker
Price: $95. Hardcover - (Feb 28, 1997) 448 pages

This work is an examination of "borderless" markets where national boundaries are no longer the relevant criteria in making international marketing, economic planning, and business decisions. Language is often one critical factor that affects economic development, demographic behavior, and general business policies around the world. Over 130,000 statistics are provided for over 460 language groups covering a number of social, economic, and business variables. A significant review of literature is also included. About the Author PHILIP PARKER is an Associate Professor at the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) in Fontainebleau, France, where he teaches graduate courses in multivariate statistics, strategic marketing, and international marketing.

English-Cornish Dictionary Gerlyver Sawsnek-Kernowek

by Nicholas J. A. Williams, Bard of the Gorsedd of Cornwall, and lecturer in the Faculty of Celtic Studies, University College, Dublin. This 450-page dictionary is the most comprehensive English-Cornish dictionary ever published, containing over 25,000 headwords, many with extensive examples of words in context. The dictionary is 64% larger than Nance's 1938 dictionary, and utilizes Unified Cornish Revised orthography.

Speakers and learners of Cornish are invited to take advantage of a special prepublication price of 22 Sterling + 3 EU postage (elsewhere 5). Anticipated price in the bookshops: 28 to 30. A list of the names of all pre-paid subscribers will be presented in the publication itself. Send a cheque or postal order (with your name written neatly and clearly, please) no later than 30 April 2000 to:

Agan Tavas, Gordon Villa, Sunnyvale Road, Portreath, Redruth TRE16 4NE, Kernow, UK ISBN 1-899082-03-4.

New Publications from Pacific Linguistics, ANU


B-115 A Description of Abun: A West Papuan Language of Irian Jaya Berry, Keith and Christine Berry
ISBN 0 85883 482 0 xii+236pp AUS $45.50



C-146 A Grammar of Hatam, Irian Jaya, Indonesia Reesink, Ger P.
ISBN 0 85883 497 9 xv+215pp
AUS$42.50 Weight 600g


C-156 Ura: A Disappearing Language of Southern Vanuatu Crowley, Terry
ISBN 0 85883 520 7 xiii+226pp (maps) AUS$45.00 Weight 500g


C-150 A Grammar of the Wirangu Language from the West Coast of South Australia Hercus, L.A.
ISBN 0 85883 505 3 xxii+217pp AUS$43.50 Weight 600g

C-154 The Yorta Yorta (Bangerang) Language of the Murray Goulburn Including Yabula Yabula Bowe, Heather and Morey, Stephen
ISBN 0 85883 513 4 xiii+286pp
AUS$51.00 Weight 600g

D-92 OZBIB: A linguistic bibliography of Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait Islands
Carrington, Lois, and Triffitt, Geraldine
ISBN 0 85883 505 0 x+282 pages
AUS$38.00 Weight 650g

Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200, AUSTRALIA

Tel: +61 (0)2 6249 2742
Fax: +61 (0)2 6249 4896
E-mail: jmanley(at)

Linguasphere Register of the World's Languages and Speech Communities, by David Dalby
(SOAS, University of London; Director, Observatoire Linguistique) Published 2000 in two volumes, total 1043 pages ISBN 0 9532919 1 X and 0 9532919 2 8: 125, US$195, 195 Euro

A classification and transnational inventory of the world's languages and dialects., and a "roll-call" of human communities at the close of the 20th century.

A system of digital classification (the linguasphere key) for the ready identification and location of the world's languages and peoples, within an index of over 70,000 linguistic and ethnic names.

Volume 1 = Introduction to the Register (foreword by Prof. Colin Williams, University of Cardiff) It includes a lexicon of new terms and concepts, a worldwide index of over 70,000 linguistic and ethnic names (compiled by Michael Mann, School of Oriental & African Studies), bibliography, table of statistics and global map.

Volume 2 = Register of the World's Languages and Speech Communities (preface by Emeritus Prof. Roland Breton, U. Paris-Nanterre). A corpus of over 13,000 inner languages (plus 8,800 constituent dialects) is presented and annotated within a framework of approximately 5,000 outer languages, and within almost 700 linguistic sets. Further classified and coded within a global system of one hundred referential zones. Information also on many languages extinct in recent centuries.

Linguasphere Observatory, Hebron, Wales SA34 0XT

New Books on the Ainu

W.W. Fitzhugh & C.O. Dubreuil (ed.), Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People, Seattle: Univ. Washington Press 2000 ( uwpress(at)

K. Honda, D.L. Howell & H. Katsuichi, Harukor: An Ainu Woman's Tale, Oxford: Oxford, 2000 (orders(at)

K. Refsing, Early European Writings on Ainu Culture: Travelogues and Descriptions, Richmond: Curzon, 2000 (publish(at)

To keep informed on the Ainu, contact Ainu International Network, paranemo(at)