Foundation for Endangered Languages

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1. An Honoured Guest

2. Development of the Foundation
Some Publicity

3. Moluccan languages in the Netherlands: documenting moribund languages in an immigrant setting

4. Language Endangerment in the News
A Shocking (or Encouraging?) Statistic
Georgia signs Framework Convention for Protection of National Minorities
Eurolang: New Brussels-Based News Service
Moroccan King Commits to School and University Education in Berber

5. Appeals and News from Endangered Communities
Isolated Amazon Tribes Threatened By Logging: the Mashco-Piros, Amahuaca, Yaminahuas, and Yora
Friends of Aboriginal Languages in Montreal
Good-ish News for Celtic in Utrecht
Igloolik elders win northern science award
U'wa and Embera-Katío Statement: Why They Resist
Gaelic in Scottish Parks: Cause for Concern

6. Allied Societies and Activities
Hints on the Future from Language Contact in South-East Asia? "Language Endangerment & Language Maintenance: an Active Approach" La Trobe, Australia 29-30 Nov 1999
Identities in Action: Hunaniaethiau ar Waith: Gregynog, Wales 10-12 Dec 1999
Linguistic Exploration: New Methods for Creating, Exploring and Disseminating Linguistic Filed Data: Chicago, USA , 6 Jan 2000
LSA Symposium: Field Relationships: balancing Power and Priorities in Language-Based Fieldwork: Chicago, USA, 7 Jan 2000
Language Endangerment, Research and Documentation: Setting Priorities for the 21st century: Bad Godesberg, 12-17 Feb 2000
California Languages in the New Millenium: 4th biannual gathering "Language is Life": 17-19 March 2000
Administration for Native Americans: toward Social and Economic Self-Sufficiency for Native Americans
Language Access Initiative - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
Archiving Latin American Indigenous Languages
Endangered Language Fund 1999 Grants

7. Overheard on the Web
Languages Charter Warning
About élites among language minorities
Breaking a New Mexico Language Bar
Zimbabwe: Promote Indigenous Languages First For National Development
Non-technical Obligations in Choice of Recording Technology

8. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World
Numeral Systems of the World's Languages
Yinka-Dene (BC Athabaskan) site
Old Grammars of Canadian Languages On-Line
Language Planning Guatemala: Strategy Document Available
Comanche Language & Cultural Preservation Committee
FIL: a Strange Coincidence?
CD-ROM game techniques can be useful in language restoration
Laura Graham on Xavante verbal performance
Polyglot version of Polish poetry by Mickiewicz
A Smorgasbord of British Views on Minority Languages:
Robert Beard's Web of On-line Grammars
Chetco-Tututni discography

9. Forthcoming Meetings
1st International Conference on African Languages, Maseno, Kenya, 10-12 May 2000: Developing African Languages for Education & Technology in the 21st Century
7th Annual SILC "Language Across the Community" 11-14 May 2000, Toronto, Canada
Workshop on "Developing language resources for minority languages: re-usability and strategic priorities" 30 May 2000 Athens, Greece
The Scots Leid Associe (Scots Language Society): Annual Collogue, 27 May 2000
Sheffield Multilingual City Conference 5 July 2000
Enseignement et acquisition des langues minoritaires de l'Europe : Colloque multinational 7-8 juillet 2000
Crossing Boundaries Anthropology, Linguistics, History and Law in Native Title: 19-20 Sept 2000
LASSO: Minority Languages in the Americas, Puebla, Mexico, 13-15 October 2000
Standardisation of the Germanic languages University of Sheffield, UK, 4-7 Jan 2001

10. Publications of Interest
University of Malawi/GTZ: Towards a National Language Policy in Education; and Sociolinguistic Surveys of Four Malawian Languages - Chiyao, Chitumbuka, Chilomwe and Chisena
Linguistic Cultures of the World, by Philip M. Parker
English-Cornish Dictionary Gerlyver Sawsnek-Kernowek
New Publications from Pacific Linguistics, ANU
Linguasphere Register of the World's Languages and Speech Communities, by David Dalby
New Books on the Ainu