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OGMIOS Newsletter 2.7 (#19) : Summer — 15 July 2002
ISSN 1471-0382 Editor: Nicholas D. M. Ostler

1. A Shot in the Arm for Language Documentation

2. Development of the Foundation
FEL VI: "Endangered Languages and their Literatures", Antigua Guatemala, 8-10 August 2002
The Languages Challenge: Marc Dragon — a Promising Beginner
Announcing a New Set of Grants made by the Foundation

3. Language Endangerment in the News
International Mother Language Day Inaugurated by UNESCO
Local languages under threat in Africa
EBLUL presents “Package for Linguistic Diversity” as contribution to the Convention
EBLUL welcomes UNESCO’s co-operation with Discovery Channel to raise awareness of endangered languages
ABC News story on Dying Languages
Montana languages
Spasm of Interest in the UK Press

4. Appeals, News and Views from Endangered Communities
Canadian Natives Help Isolated Tribe In India
Cornish film premiered in the UK Houses of Parliament
Fàs (Dùn Èideann)
State of Indigenous Languages in Australia
China plans to spend $1m to save what may be the world's only language used exclusively by women
Network of Aboriginal Language Centres
On-line language resource will help preserve minority languages in Scotland
Catalan trio Pomada wins first European song contest for minority languages
South African Policy towards Afrikaans in Higher Education
Literacy for East Timor Native Languages — seeking support
Seeking Recordings of Languages
Seeking Interpreters
A Victory for the Uwa
Navarre strikes down decree that limited use of Basque

5. Allied Societies and Activities
New EBLUL Member State Committee in Portugal
The Endangered Languages Documentation Programme — a major new research programme for the documentation of endangered languages.
Terralingua Job Announcements - Program Associate, Office Manager/Assistant
Nominations solicited for the Ken Hale Prize

6. Reports on Meetings
Revitalizing Algonquian Languages: Sharing Effective Language Renewal Practices - 21-23 February, 2002
Language Endangerment Day at Dept Linguistics, Manchester University, England

7. Overheard on the Web
Language Death, Beetle Larvae and the Question of Motive
“A Real Language” — Language Morale in Yunnan and Kimberley

8. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World
Multilinguismo? Sí, Grazie
Yumtzilob: indigenous cultures and nations of North, Central and South America
50 different languages of Mexico
Saving Alaska's Native Languages
Four SSILA recommendations: Multicultural, Native American, Language Policy and Language Teaching
Quechua website
Information on Central Asia / Eurasia
European Minority Languages web-site in Russian
Canadian languages: First Voices Digital Archive, and Access to TV documentaries “Finding our Talk”
New list on Language Rights
Technology and Indigenous Languages, especially in Language Learning
New Journal on Linguistic Field Methods
The Wampanoags and others on Nantucket
Coast Miwok and Chumash
Music and Minorities
Linguìstica Amerindia Sudamericana
Mondialisation, langues et politiques linguistiques

9. Forthcoming Meetings
Symposium on Andean languages - ICA, Santiago, Chile, 14-18 July 2003
XVII International Congress of Linguists, Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

10. New Publications of Interest
LIAMES: A new journal for American Indigenous Languages
Robbins Burling: Learning a Field Language
Indigenous Languages Across the Community, edited by Barbara Burnaby and Jon Reyhner
Vanishing Footprints: Nomadic People Speak, Ann Perry, Anthony Swift
Independent Cornish Language Study
Two from Abya-Yala on South American languages
Mercator Working Papers —Linguistic Rights & Legislation
John Clissa on Molisan-Croatian: The Fountain and the Squeezebox
Basque Spoken Corpus
James McCloskey — Voices Silenced: has Irish a Future?
Louis-Jean Calvet, Le Marché aux Langues
Charles Durand: La mise en place des monopoles du savoir
Dictionaries of Turkic Languages, and Books on the Crimean Tatars
Children's Books of the Americas from "Ho Anumpoli!"
David and Maya Bradley ed.: Language Endangerment and Language Maintenance

11. Valedictory
The last speaker of Gagadju
Sad but True: New Insight on the “Killer Language”