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10. Forthcoming Conferences

Gaining Ground: Social, Cultural and Political Processes of Latin America’s Indigenous Peoples, Liverpool Univ., 21-22 Feb 2003

An important feature of the Conference will be that in addition to academic papers, it will provide a platform for high-profile indigenous leaders, who will complement the academic papers by speaking from first-hand experience of cultural and political struggle in their countries. There will be papers that address broad issues, as well as country specific ones on Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile.

Note especially: Panel 2 Language and education in political processes, on Saturday 22 February, 2003, 9.30 – 11.30
· Jane Freeland, University of Southampton, ‘Política lingüística and Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast region’
· Juan Carlos Godenzzi, University of Montreal, ‘Indigenous languages and education in Peru’
· Denise Arnold and Juan de Dios Yapita, ILCA, Bolivia ‘Language planning from the bottom-up: the case of the Chipaya alphabet’
· Pedro Plaza, PROEIBANDES, Bolivia, ‘Education for indigenous peoples: a function of discourse and ideology’

Enquire: +44-151-794-3079
Conference Convenor: Rosaleen Howard
tel. +44-151-794-3083

European Minority Languages and Research: Shaping an Agenda for the Global Age – Univ. Wales, Aberystwyth, April 8-10 2003.

First Mercator International Symposium.

George Jones george.jones(at)
Mercator Centre
Dept. of Theatre, Film and TV Studies
University of Wales Aberystwyth Y Buarth Aberystwyth Wales SY23 1NN UK

IX International Conference on Minority Languages, Sweden, Kiruna, 6-7 June 2003

Four official languages of Sweden are spoken in the municipality of Kiruna: Finnish, Meänkieli, Saami and Swedish.

The main theme of the conference will be revitalization of use of languages, especially languages spoken by small groups of people. The conference offers an opportunity to discuss: · Case studies of revitalization of minority languages.
· Language emancipation.
· Implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages with particular attention to smaller language groups.
· Language policies and language planning.
· Cultural development (literature, theatre, music etc.) and social capital in minority regions.
· Experiences from bilingual education and immersion classes for children who use smaller languages.
· Any topic concerning minority languages in the Barents and Baltic regions.

You can make your contribution to the conference in any way you think best is for you. We invite you to make best use of this opportunity to meet others who share your concerns and interests. We, the organizers, welcome performances, speeches, poster presentations, written papers. We invite you to suggest topics for discussion or for workshops.

The language of the conference organization (for programs, announcements, etc) will be English, but participants may use any Nordic language. We suggest that participants cooperate and seek individual, spontaneous solutions to language problems. Some interpretation will be available.

Members of the organizing committee are: Birger Winsa (chair), Lasse Dencik, Satu Gröndahl, Leena Huss, Björn Jernudd, Kendall King, Jarmo Lainio, Christer Laurén, Anna-Riitta Lindgren, Mikael Svonni, Erling Wande.



IX ICML (Birger Winsa), Department of Finnish, University of Stockholm
S-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Fax: +46-8-158871 Tel: +46-8-162359
Or by e-mail: birger.winsa(at)

We hope to see you in Kiruna!

Deadline for receipt of abstracts and workshop suggestions is 31 January 2003. Preliminary registration opens September 1. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent out in the middle of February.

FEL VI: Maintaining the Links - Language Identity and the Land, Broome Western Australia. 22-24 September 2003

See the announcement on page 3 of this Ogmios. The Conference Chair is:
Joseph Blythe
PO Box 1779, Broome, WA 6725, Australia
Tel/Fax: +61-8-9192-8382

Language Development, Language Revitalization and Multilingual Education in Asia, Bangkok, 6-8 Nov 2003

To be held at the Royal River Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, sponsored by the Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development (Mahidol University-Salaya), SIL International, and UNESCO.

Conference themes:
· Relationship between majority and minority languages in Asia.
· Issues in language planning.
· Issues in orthography development.
· Language development and language revitalization in Asia.
· Education programs that promote multilingualism and multi-literacy in minority language communities
· Research findings on minority language education
· Minority language development in the context of national development

Case study presenters will share their experiences and insights relating to the above themes. We welcome proposals for 20-minute case study presentations on:

· Conducting language surveys
· Developing and testing writing systems in previously unwritten languages
· Literacy and education programs that support minority language development
· Literacy and education programs that support revitalization
· Multilingual education programs in the non-formal system
· Multilingual education programs in the formal system
· Developing literature in newly written languages
· Developing culturally sensitive curriculum for adult and children's programs in minority communities
· Other relevant issues

The conference language will be English.

Enquire: language-dev-03(at)

Language, Education and Diversity, 26-29 Nov. 2003, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Confirmed keynote speakers include: Nancy Hornberger, Glynda Hull, Mary Kalantzis, Timoti Karetu, Allan Luke, Alastair Pennycook, Rob Phillipson, Tove Skutnabb-Kangas.
Full Details on the Conference can be found at the following website:

Stephen May PhD MRSNZ
Foundation Professor and Chair of Language and Literacy Education
School of Education, University of Waikato
Private Bag 3105, Hamilton
New Zealand
Email: s.may(at)