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3. Language Endangerment in the News

Scientific American: "Saving Dying Languages" by W. Wayt Gibbs, August 2002

This 8-page article, lavishly illustrated, was highly sympathetic to the endangered language cause, comparing it with the urgency of species extinction, and giving some good intuitive indicators on such things as the proportions of speakers as between dominant and endnagered languages. The Foundation is mentioned, along with our contemporaries and in a curious paradox, the scant level of the funds we have gathered, compared with the scale of the problem, is seen as an argument in itself that something must be done.



There is a suggestion of new hope in the final section, however, when the advent of the Lisbet Rausing Fund is mentioned .

The full text of the article can be found on-line at the Linguistic Data Consortium site: (The link is at the foot of page on the left.)