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OGMIOS Newsletter 2.8 (#20) : Winter - 31 December 2002

1. Christ Wankai? 3

2. Development of the Foundation 4
FEL VI: Endangered Languages and the Literatures — Antigua Guatemala, 8-10 Aug 2002 4
Minutes of the Seventh Annual General Meeting of the Foundation for Endangered Languages held at Posada Belen, Antigua, Guatemala, at noon, Friday 9 Aug 2002 5
FEL Call for Proposals for 2003 6
Helena Drysdale — Mother Tongues: travels through tribal Europe - Special Offer 6
Language Challenge: Correction with apology to Marc Dragon 6

3. Language Endangerment in the News 6
Scientific American: "Saving Dying Languages" by W. Wayt Gibbs, August 2002 6

4. Appeals, News and Views from Endangered Communities 6
Mother Tongue Education for Social Inclusion and Conflict Resolution - B. K. Rana 7
Cornish language to get official recognition 7

5. Support Activities 8
EBLUL opens its new Irish office 8
Chance to become a linguistic correspondent for your language 8
Phillips Fund Grants for Native American Research 8
University of London SOAS: Lectureship in Language Documentation; Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Documentation and Description 8
ELF: Request for Proposals, 2003 9
Response to 1st Call of Lisbet Rausing Charitable Fund’s ELDP (Endangered Language Documentation Programme) 9

6. Research Activities 9
Research on minority languages of Nigeria in 2001 9
Progress on Iluen / Akpes 11
Survival Guide For Tribal People Published 11
Update from the Kalahari 11

7. Reports on Meetings 12
First International Meeting of the Brazilian Working Group on Indigenous Languages (GTLI) 12
President’s Travels: Australia and Guatemala 12

8. Overheard on the Web 13
Old Traditions versus Modern Life in Linguistic Minorities, and the Case for Diversity 13 South Pacific Language Loss Rate 15
"No child left behind" 15

9. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World 16
Bibliography 16
Language Query Room 16
World Languages and Literacy 16
Indigenous Media Network 16 portal to Aragonese 16
Indigenous Languages and Technology 17

10. Forthcoming Conferences 17
Gaining Ground: Social, Cultural and Political Processes of Latin America’s Indigenous Peoples, Liverpool Univ., 21-22 Feb 2003 17
European Minority Languages and Research: Shaping an Agenda for the Global Age – Univ. Wales, Aberystwyth, April 8-10 2003. 17
IX International Conference on Minority Languages, Sweden, Kiruna, 6-7 June 2003 17
FEL VI: Maintaining the Links - Language Identity and the Land, Broome Western Australia. 22-24 September 2003 17
Language Development, Language Revitalization and Multilingual Education in Asia, Bangkok, 6-8 Nov 2003 17
Language, Education and Diversity, 26-29 Nov. 2003, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. 18

11. Reviews of Publications 18
Languages in Britain & Ireland. Ed. Glanville Price. 18
Leanne Hinton (with Matt Vera & Nancy Steele) — How to Keep Your Language Alive. 18
Leanne Hinton and Ken Hale ed. — The Green Book of Language Revitalization in Practice 19
Joe Vikin — Galician-English / English-Galician (Galego) Dictionary 19
Suzuko Tamura — The Ainu Language 19
Michael Longford –The Flags Changed at Midnight 20

12. Other Publications of Interest 20
Studies in Langs of N. Pakistan: 20
vol. 1 - Languages of Kohistan 20
vol. 2 - Languages of Northern Areas 21
vol. 3 - A Look at Hunza Culture; Second Edition. 21
New publications from Pacific Linguistics 21
Joel Bradshaw and Kenneth Rehg (eds) - Issues in Austronesian Morphology: A festschrift for Byron W. Bender 21
Alexandre François - Araki: A disappearing language of Vanuatu 21
Giovanni Bennardo (ed.) - Representing space in Oceania 21
Ger Reesink (ed.) - Languages of the Eastern Bird's Head 22
Angela Terrill - Dharumbal: The language of Rockhampton, Australia 22
Robert S. Bauer (ed.) - Collected papers on Southeast Asian and Pacific Languages 22
Justin Watkins - The phonetics of Wa: Experimental phonetics, phonology, orthography and sociolinguistics 22

13. Last Word 22
Trust me: I’m a linguist 22

Stop Press!
FEL VII in Broome, Western Australia

The Foundations’ Seventh Conference will take place in Broome, on the western edge of the remote Kimberley area of Australia, on Mon 22 to Wed 24 Sept. 2003. The Conference Chair is Joseph Blythe . The theme will be Maintaining the Links: Language, Identity and the Land, looking at endangered languages’ links to their homelands, and how documentation can aid maintenance and revival. A call will be sent out shortly, but abstracts (up to 500 words) sent to the Chair or the Editor (preferably by e-mail) by the end of February 2003 will certainly be considered.