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2. Development of the Foundation

Announcing the 2003 AGM
As Secretary to the Executive Committee of the Foundation for Endangered Languages I hereby give notice that:

1. The 7th Annual General Meeting of the Foundation will take place on 23rd September, 2003 at the Mangrove Hotel, Broome, Western Australia starting at 14:00. All members are entitled to attend and vote at this meeting.

2. The Agenda will comprise:
1. Minutes of the 7th AGM (as published in Ogmios 2.8 (#20) 31 Dec 2002)
2. Matters Arising
3. President’s Report
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Election of Officers for the year beginning 23rd September 2003
Any additional items for the agenda should be sent to reach the President (nostler(at) or at 172 Bailbrook Lane, Bath BA1 7AA, England.) by 15 September, 2003.

3. The membership of the Executive Committee for the year 2003-2004 will be chosen at this meeting. Nominations (including self-nominations) for election to the Executive Committee should be sent to reach the President by 15 September 2003. There are up to 15 places on the Committee and should nominations exceed vacancies, election will be by ballot.

Nigel Birch
Secretary to the Executive Committee

FEL grants in 2003
We are proud to announce this year’s grants made by the Foundation for work on behalf of endangered languages. As always, they come out of your donations to us. The values are denominated in US dollars.
· Paul Heggarty of the United Kingdom receives $912 for salvage fieldwork on the lexis, phonetics, and phonology of the Kawki language (Aymaran) with the few remaining speakers. · Ana Valentina Fernández Garay of Argentina receives $970 for fieldwork to study the phonology and collect texts in the Wichí language of Argentina/Bolivia (Mataco-Mataguayan). · Maximilian Viatori of the United States receives $500 for fieldwork on the phonology and morphology of the Zápara language of Ecuador (Zaparoan).
· Anna N. Gerasimova of Russia receives $1,000 for fieldwork on the Uilta (Ulch) language of eastern Siberia, (Tungus-Manchu) and the preparation of an Uilta grammar for beginning learners, a Russian-Uilta phrase book, and an Uilta dictionary.
· Jeffrey Gould of the United States receives $987 to support the development of a multimedia program for teaching the Nahuatl-Pipil language of El Salvador/Honduras (Uto-Aztecan).
· Mark Anderson of Australia receives $1,000 to support fieldwork on code-switching and code-mixing in natural speech between Ryukyuan and Japanese on Okinawa.
· Barbara Capoeman of the United States receives $1,000 on behalf of the Taholah School District No. 77 to correct & update an existing dictionary of the Quinault language of USA (Salishan) and to develop a grammar book for use in the language component of the district's cultural revitalization project.

Together these amount to approximately $6,400, by far the largest distribution we have made to date. Thank you all for your donations, and do keep your subscriptions up to date! We can’t do it without you.

FEL VII Conference: "Maintaining the Links: Language, Identity and the Land" Broome, Western Australia, Sept 22nd - 24th 2003
Keynote Address by Pat Dodson:
Pat Dodson is very well-known Aboriginal activist in Australia, and a former Chair of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation. He is a a Yawuru man from the Kimberley, and was born in Broome in 1948. His mother too was brought up in Broome. An interview with him is available at
Languages and Land Claims:
Nigel Crawhall: Rediscovery of N|u and the ‡Khomani Land Claim Process, South Africa Janet Sharp: Karajarri, Historical and Contemporary Connections with Country and Kin. Toponymy:
Thomas Thornton: Tlingit Place Names and the Language of Subsistence in Southeast Alaska David Nash: Authenticity in Toponymy
Frances Kofod: My Relations, My Country - Language, Identity and Land in the East Kimberley of Western Australia



Planning for the Future:
Mary Jane Norris: From Generation to Generation: Survival and Maintenance of Canada's Aboriginal Languages, Within Families, Communities and Cities
Patrick McConvell & Nicholas Thieberger: Language data assessment at the national level: Learning from the State of the Environment process in Australia.
Lang, Identity & the Environment:
Shelley Tulloch: Inuktitut and Inuit Identity, from the Tundra to the Town Joe Blythe & Glenn Wightman: The Role of Animals and Plants in Maintaining the Links: East Kimberley, Western Australia
N. Louanna Furbee: The Landscape of Language: Tojolab'al Maya Ethnicity and Globalization Open Session/Local Presenters:
Annual General Meeting:
Lang & Identity: Home and Away:
Vianor Pérez Rivera (Iguaniginape Kungiler): Kuna Yala: A People that Refuse to Disappear, Panama.
Katherine E. Hoffman: Divided Youth: Language, Longing, and Labor in the Anti-Atlas Homeland, Morocco
David Newry & Keeley Palmer: "Whose language is it anyway? Rights to restrict access to endangered languages: a north-east Kimberley example'
Language Revitalization: Revival:
Mary Chanda: Reviving an Endangered Language "The case of the Mirning Language"
Michael Walsh: Raising Babel: language revitalisation in New South Wales, Australia.
Jennie Bell: 'Value and purpose of renewing community links to traditional language and land'
Lang Revitalization: Maintenance:
Ilana Mushin: The politics of language revitalisation: balancing Yanyuwa and Garrwa in the Borroloola language project.
Rebecca Green: Gurr-goni, a Minority Language in a Multilingual Community: Surviving into the 21st Century.
Jepkorir Chepyator-Thomson & Norman Thomson : Ecotourism in Kerio Valley, Kenya: Creating a Need for Maintaining Keiyo Language, Identity, and the Land
Documenting Endangered Langs 1:
Margaret Sefton: Winds of change- exploring the links between land, language and memory in the recording of Kwini stories and songs around Kalumburu, Western Australia.
Hans Boas: Social Factors Contributing to the Death of Texas German
Claire Bowern: Laves' Bardi Texts
Documenting Endangered Langs 2:
Linda Barwick and Allan Marett: Endangered songs and endangered languages
Dafydd Gibbon: Language Documentation and Heritage: publication avenue for language documentation.
Monica Ward : Language Documentation and Revitalisation - is there really a conflict?

The website for the conference, including practical details, and the planned excursions, up the Dampier Peninsula, and afterwards to Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Geike Gorge, Kimberley Language Resource Centre and Mangkaja Arts, is at:

The site includes conference & registration information, the programme, details of excursions and the call for papers. If you lack web-access, write to the Editor for a printed copy fo the details.

There is still time to book for this event. Those travelling from the UK may like to contact Trailfinders (tel 0117 929 9000) for cheap fares to Australia.