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9. Forthcoming Conferences

July 28-August 14, 2003. The 4th Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute (CILLDI)
will be held at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from July 28 to August 14, 2003. It is sponsored by the Faculty of Education, Arts, and Extension and the School of Native Studies. Participants include undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning an Indigenous language or gaining expertise in the areas of linguistics, language and literacy, curriculum development and second language teaching. For further information contact: Laura Burnouf at (780) 492-4273 ext. 277 or Heather Blair at (780) 492-4273 ext. 232. email: Error! Reference source not found. or Error! Reference source not found.

August 13-15, 2003. The 38th International Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages will be hosted by the Upper St’a’t’imc Language, Culture and Education Society and will take place in Lillooet, British Columbia. Papers will be presented on all aspects of the study, preservation, and teaching of Salish and neighboring languages. For inquiries about the conference, please contact Marline John of USLCES at Error! Reference source not found.

September 7-10, 2003. A panel on “Language Contact with Chinese in Minority Languages in China”
will be held at the upcoming 3rd Conference of the European Association of Chinese Linguistics (EACL), Ghent. This panel will bring together students of languages which have evolved in close contact with Chinese. It intends to focus on different types of contact represented in the area, and to illustrate some of the results of such contacts: influence on the structure of the language(s) under analysis and/or on the linguistic behavior of the speakers. The conference website is Error! Reference source not found.

October 2-5, 2003. The annual conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) will be held at Harvard University on October 2-5. This will probably be the largest gathering of scholars, students, and practioners focusing on this part of the world ever to be held. CESS is a new area studies society, established 3 years ago and quickly having grown now to over 1,000 members representing more than 60 countries. At the conference, in sessions running from the morning of Friday, October 3 through the morning of Sunday, October 5, there will be paper presentations and roundtables involving approximately 200-250 presenters. For full information, visit the website at Error! Reference source not found. or write to Error! Reference source not found..

October 9-12, 2003. The 2003 International Colloquium for Vernacular, Hispanic, Historical, American and Folklore Studies
will take place in Puebla, Mexico. For further information, visit: Error! Reference source not found.

October 10-12, 2003. The 18th California Indian Conference
will take place at Cabrillo College in Watsonville, California, co-sponsored by UC Santa Cruz, CSU at Monterey Bay, and the City of Watsonville. The conference theme will be “Gathering the Past, Weaving the Future.” Anyone interested in giving a paper, presentation, or organizing a session, panel, or presentation should send an abstract of 150 words to Rob Edwards, Anthropology Department, Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, California 95003 USA by August 1. For further information: Error! Reference source not found.



October 23-25, 2003. El primer Congreso de Idiomas Indígenas de Latinamérica (CILLA I) se llevará a cabo en la Universidad de Texas en Austin. Informacion: CILLA, LLILAS, University of Texas at Austin, 1 University Station D0800, Austin, Texas 78712-0331 USA. Correo electrónico: Error! Reference source not found. o Error! Reference source not found..

November 7-9, 2003. "The Unifying aspects of Cultures" Vienna (Austria): section "Standard Variations and Conceptions of Language in Various Language Cultures"
Suggestions, Abstracts, Papers to: Rudolf Muhr (Graz) muhr(at)

The aim of this section is to discuss differences and commonalities in the ideas about language and language norms in various language cultures. These differences concern, for example, one's openness to "foreign" elements (purist versus integration), one's attitude to one's own language (language pride versus language shame), one's attitudes toward variants of one's own language (multilingualism vs. monolingualism) as well as association with stigmatisation or prestige of languages and language variations. Another topic could be the differences in the association with language norms in mono- and pluricentric languages and their effects on the concerned language cultures. In the "smaller" variants a discrepancy always exists between the norms of one's own country and the norms of the entire language, which are normally determined by the largest country. How to deal with these uncertainties and the differences in the standard norms can also be one of the many additional themes of this section.

Details of the registration are found at:
org_anm_teilnehmerinnen_e.htm The conference is hosted by the "Research Institute for Austrian and International Literature and Cultural Studies" (INST-Vienna) ( and will take place in the Austria Conference Centre. General information about the conference can be found at:

November 19-23, 2003. Endangered Languages at the 2003 meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
The Society for Linguistic Anthropology (SLA) and the Society for the study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA) are jointly sponsoring this session. It has been organized by Leanne Hinton and Elinor Ochs, and will be chaired by Elinor Ochs. Discussants will be William Hanks and Alexandra Jaffe.

January 8-11, 2004. 2003-2004 Annual Meeting of SSILA (Society for the study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas)
will be held in conjunction with the 78th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America in Boston, Massachusetts. For further information, contact the SSILA Program Committee, PO Box 555, Arcata, CA 95518 USA, or by e-mail to Error! Reference source not found..

April 15-17, 2004. LAVIS III, Language Variety in the South: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
This symposium, will be held at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Sessions will include topics such as Indigenous Languages of the South; Endangered Languages and Dialects; and Language and the Schools. There will also be two Pre-Conference Workshops: The semiotics of Moundville and Using the Linguistic Atlas of the Gulf States data base. For background on LAVIS I and II and the general vision behind LAVIS III, please visit: Error! Reference source not found.