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8. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World

SIL Peru

Roger Blench notes: SIL Peru has recently posted almost its entire back catalogue on the Web. Get there via SIL Homepage:

Aymara-English textbook on-line

The Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Chicago is pleased to present the electronic publication of "Aymar Arux Akhamawa: Aymara Language is Like This," by Miguel Huanca.

Approximately four million people in the Andean region of Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina consider Aymara to be their native language, including over one-third of the population of Bolivia, making it one of the most widely-spoken indigenous languages in South America. For over a decade, the University of Chicago has been the only institution to offer regular Aymara instruction, supported with funding from US Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center grants. "Aymar Arux Akhamawa" is the only English-Aymara textbook available.



This valuable resource is now made available at no cost for self-guided language learning via the world wide web, complete with digitally-recorded native-spoken dialogues, vocabulary supplements, original literature, and traditional song.

The on-line publication of this text can be found on the Center's website at:

This is the second edition of the text developed by Miguel Huanca, who has taught 26 students in Aymara at the University of Chicago since 1994 through the biannual Aymara Summer Intensive Institute. The Summer Institute will next be offered in 2005. For more information about Aymara instruction at the University of Chicago Center for Latin American Studies, contact clas(at) or (773) 702-8420.

--Josh Beck, Administrator, Academic Programs & Outreach, Center for Latin American Studies,University of Chicago (