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Another Englishman reaches Cheboksary:

FEL chairman and Ogmios editor Nicholas Ostler in the Chuvash State Institute for the Humanities, in front of N. Sverchkov’s picture of the visit by Anthony Jenkinson to this Volga port-city —which he called Sabowshare or Schabogshar— in 1558. Jenkinson, sent by the City of London’s Muscovy company, was en route to Bukhara. He reported Mordvin people to be living on this stretch of the Volga, although they now live further to the west. Cheboksary is now capital of Russia’s Chuvash people, and called by them Shupashkar. Here is today’s view.

Chuvash is not reckoned as endangered in Russia: it is official in Chuvashia, spoken by 1.47 million in an ethnic group of 1.77 million. But half live outside this republic. And only 30% of the children now go to school in Chuvash.

OGMIOS Newsletter 2.12 (#24) : Summer — 30 August 2004 ISSN 1471-0382 Editor: Nicholas D. M. Ostler

OGMIOS Newsletter 2.12 (#24) : Summer — 30 August 2004 ISSN 1471-0382 Editor: Nicholas D. M. Ostler Assistant Editors: Roger Blench, Joseph Blythe, Serena D'Agostino, Christopher Hadfield, Francis M Hult, Andrea Ritter

Published by: Foundation for Endangered Languages, Batheaston Villa, 172 Bailbrook Lane, Bath BA1 7AA, England e-mail: Phone: +44/0 -1225-852865 Fax: +44/0 -1225-859258

1. Editorial: Welsh for Russia’s Muslims

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5. Allied Societies and Activities
The Association for the preservation of minority languages in the Czech Republic
Documenting Endangered Languages (NSF/NEH/Smithsonian partnership)

6. Reports on Field Research
The situation of endangered languages in the Sudan and some notes on Kufo: Roger Blench
The eBoze [Buji] language and the movement for literacy: Roger Blench
Notes on the Seni people and language with an addendum on the Ziriya: Roger Blench and John Garah Nengel

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8. Places to Go - On the Net and in the World
Archiving indigenous oral traditions
Aboriginal Oral Traditions (Halifax, April 21-23, 2005)

9. Reports on Meetings
Language, history and culture top Inuit Studies Conference

10. Recent Publications
Instant Hawaiian Immersion - audio CD package
Spreading the Word: the Welsh Language 2001, John Aitchison and Harold Carter
* Towards a Multilingual Culture of Education, ed. Adama Ouane
Language in Danger, Andrew Dalby
* Enelhet Apaivoma: Guía para el aprendizaje del idioma materno toba, Ernesto Unruh, Hannes Kalisch and Manolo Romero

11. Book Reviews
Review of Austin ed. 2003: Language Documentation and Description: Nancy Dorian
Review of Thangani Bunuba: Stories from the Bunuba Elders of the Fitzroy Valley: Chris Hadfield
Brief Note on R.M.W. Dixon and A. Aikhenvald ed. The Amazonian Languages and F. Queixalós and O. Renault-Lescure ed. as línguas amazônicas hoje: Nicholas Ostler

12. And Finally…
Taken in Vain
The Decent Obscurity of a Minority Language

Eighth International Conference:

"On the Margins of Nations: Endangered Languages and Linguistic Rights"

In association with Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Cátedra Unesco de Llengües i Educació)

The conference will take place in central Barcelona, 1st - 3rd October 2004

There will also be excursions:
29-30 September
Aranese-Occitan in the Val d'Aran
4 October
Catalan in French Catalonia

The website for the conference is at: also accessible via our own web-site

The site includes conference & registration information, the programme, details of excursions and the original call for papers.

If you are planning to come, please register as soon as possible.

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