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10. Recent Publications

The Last Speakers: Documentary from Ironbound Films

This was given a special rough-cut screening at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, held in Albuquerque NM in early January.

The film tells how languages become endangered and the awesome task of recording, archiving, and returning them to use.

For more details of the film, see:

Daniel A. Miller
Ironbound Films, Inc.
T/F: +1.718.433.4044

Maya Honda and Wayne O'Neil, Understanding First and Second Language Acquisition

Handbook 10 in Awakening our languages: ILI handbook series, The Indigenous Language Institute, 2004.

This series of handbooks is designed to aid Native communities in reversing language loss, primarily the loss of indigenous languages of North America. In Handbook 10, Honda and O'Neil summarize some basic research on first and second language acquisition and suggest ways in which that research can be useful in programs of Native language revitalization. Wayne O'Neil is Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy