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3. Endangered Languages in the News

Putin Claims Some Former Soviet States' Policies Regarding Russian Language are Irrelevant 27 Sept 2005 | 13:24 | FOCUS News Agency

Moscow/Riga. The policy of some former Soviet states regarding the Russian language is irrelevant, Russia's President Vladimir Putin stated in the frameworks of his annual live webcast with Russia's citizens, answering a question of a Latvian citizen related to Latvia's intention to abolish Russian language from the curriculum of the schools in the country. The debate was shown on Channel 1 of Russian national television.

"Just a few years ago we were all sharing one home, the Soviet Union. Subsequently, some states undertook the policy of ignoring their past, which is just irrelevant," Vladimir Putin said.

Russia is ready to help in finding solutions to all the problems related to the Russian-speaking citizens of the former Soviet republics, President Putin added.