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1. Editorial

As many of you will have heard, our President, who has also been the Editor of Ogmios up to know, has left these shores for six months to take up a teaching position in Japan. To ensure the continued presence of your favourite linguistic journal in your letterbox or on your computer screen, he has left the editorship in the hands of your FEL Treasurer.

I hope you wonít detect any drop in the quality of the product, dear reader, but I do apologise for the lateness of this issue; Iíve been finding my feet in the editorial post.

I want to thank my assistant editors, especially Serena DíAgostino, for helping me fill up these pages with the usual interesting and varied assortment of news from the Endangered Languages scene; it is they, not I, who deserve the real editorial credit.

And donít forget that contributions are always more than welcome from the members of FEL. I know that you all have many interesting tales to tell, which the rest of us would like to hear. Send your contribution to me, either by email to*

or by post to 9 Westdene Crescent, Caversham, Berkshire, England RG4 7HD. The FEL office address remains as before. Chris Moseley

*We make a habit of publishing e-mail addresses in human-readable, rather than machine-readable, form, in order to avoid unwanted solicitations for our readers, contributors and editorial staff.