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9. Forthcoming Meetings

Northwest Indian Language Institute (NILI): "From Language Learner to Language Teacher" , Univ. Oregon, July 5-21, 2006,
From: Jesse Blackburn Morrow

The Northwest Indian Language Institute (NILI) will be holding its Summer Institute "From Language Learner to Language Teacher" at the University of Oregon July 5-21, 2006, including a Master-Apprentice workshop led by Leanne Hinton, July 6-8.

Since 1998, NILI's Summer Institute has offered training in teaching methods, applied linguistics, curriculum and materials development to those involved with the teaching of Native languages here in the Northwest. The Institute is a setting where the unique situations of the region's various Tribal language programs are respected, and we seek to provide skills and materials that will enhance your own language revitalization efforts. Participants have said they attend partly for the knowledge they gain from other participants, and the enjoyment of spending time with others involved in the same quest for language revitalization. See below for more details of the Institute and Master-Apprentice Workshop. Please let us know as soon as possible if you're interested in attending either the Workshop or full Institute (and tell us a bit about your situation with teaching/learning a NW language) so that we may send you a registration form, and plan with you in mind. Hope to see you in July!

Led by Dr. Leanne Hinton (UC-Berkeley), who was instrumental in development of the successful California Master-Apprentice Program in 1993. This method of language learning is a great way to create new speakers of a language when only a few Elder speakers remain, and to pass along traditional values and customs in a natural setting.

*Methods, Materials, and Technology for NW Indian Language Teaching - content will be shaped to fit the needs of registrants [3 credits]
*Sahaptin Language Class [1 credit]
*Chinuk Wawa Language Class [1 credit]
*Intro to Linguistics for Teachers and Students of NW Languages [1 credit]
*Advanced Linguistic Study (of the language of your choice) [1 credit]

RATES *Tuition for the full NILI Summer Institute July 5-21 (a total of 5 UO credit hours) is $1300. This includes the 3 day Master-Apprentice Workshop, textbook, and a computer lab fee.
*For those wanting to attend ONLY the Master-Apprentice Workshop July 6-8, the workshop fee is $250, which includes the cost of the textbook. The cost of campus housing/meals for 3 nights (or hotel costs) and parking are additional.

For housing/meals and parking rates, a registration form, or more information, please contact NILI Director Janne Underriner, or Assistants Jesse Blackburn Morrow or Racquel Yamada.

Northwest Indian Language Institute
1290 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1290
Voicemail 541.346.3199
Fax 541.346.5961

Immersion in Conversational Shoshoni

Learn to speak the Shoshoni language in Shoshoni Country!

Idaho State University, located in Southeastern Idaho, eight miles South of the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, is offering the Shoshoni Summer Language Institute during the summer of 2006. This language immersion workshop will be taught in a two-week block from July 31 to August 11, 2006. Workshop participants can either take it for university credit or choose our non-credit option simply to learn about Shoshoni language and culture. The course is designed for complete beginners, but people who have some knowledge of the language are also welcome. The course is perfect for professionals (especially in education, social work and health care) who interact with Native Americans in the performance of their professional duties.The course will include exposure to Shoshoni culture, including topics like the Shoshoni kinship system, visiting a Shoshoni house, and what to do at a give-away, etc. With the course ending on the same weekend as the annual Shoshone-Bannock Festival, one of the biggest powwows in the Northern Rockies, this is a unique opportunity to learn the Shoshoni language while experiencing Shoshoni culture!
For more information and to sign up contact:
ISU Division of Continuing Education & Conference Services
or visit us on the web at

From SSILA Bulletin number 234: February 14, 2006 c/o 234.4

Forum Theatre: Reclaiming Our Aboriginal Languages, June 28-July 4 2006, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Patricia Shaw writes, on 17 June 2006:

Just in case there's a chance that any of you or your friends could be in Vancouver here for the week of June 28-July 4, it would be great to have you involved in this VERY exciting project that we're doing on endangered languages in collaboration with Headlines Theatre. We would love to have representation from Aboriginal people elsewhere in the province or beyond.

UBC Aboriginal Languages and Literacy Institute (ALLI 2006) and Headlines Theatre are seeking 20 Aboriginal people to participate in a unique process where they will work with theatrical games and exercises to bring out the core stories of their struggles with the loss of their traditional Aboriginal languages, and the challenges of reclamation and revitalization of their linguistic heritage.

What is Forum Theatre? Forum Theatre is a unique type of participatory theatre. The play that develops out of the workshop is usually quite short -- perhaps 5 or 10 minutes in duration. It is run once, all the way through, so the audience can see the situation and the problems presented. The play builds to a crisis and stops there, offering no solutions. The play is then run again, with audience members able to "freeze" the action at any point where they see a character struggling with a problem. An audience member yells "stop!", comes into the playing area, replaces the character s/he sees in a moment of struggle, and tries out his/her idea.. Workshop Dates: June 29-July 3 9am-5pm
July 4 12noon-11pm
UBC Theatre rehearsal space, HUT M-17, Room 128
Performance: July 4 8pm UBC FNHL Longhouse
No acting experience is necessary. BUT: If you are interested in being involved in this project, you must have the time and energy to commit to the whole schedule. Participants will be given lunch each day and will receive an honorarium for their involvement in this process.
To become a workshop participant or for further information, please contact:
Michelle La Flamme +1-604-872-0611