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OGMIOS Newsletter 3.05 (#29): Spring-Summer — 15 June 2006

Assistant Editors: Roger Blench, Joseph Blythe, Serena D'Agostino, Christopher Hadfield, Francis M Hult, Steven Krauwer, Andrea Ritter

Contact the Editor at:
Christopher Moseley, 9 Westdene Crescent, Caversham Heights, Reading RG4 7HD, England

Published by:
Foundation for Endangered Languages, Batheaston Villa, 172 Bailbrook Lane, Bath BA1 7AA, England

1. Editorial

2. Development of the Foundation
FEL X: Vital Voices - Endangered Languages and Multilingualism: Draft Programme for this year's conference in Mysore, India (25-27 October 2006) The Conference Venue
No FEL Grants in 2006

3. Endangered Languages in the News
Mother Tongue Day Celebrated in Peshawar in Northern Pakistan
Bill would boost efforts to retain Penobscot language
Virginia Algonquian raised from the dead for "The New World"
Himachal Pradesh scholars trying to revive ancient Tankri script Tankri script, as described at Lakota on Path to Recapture Language
Haunting songs of life and death reveal a fading world
Indigenous Languages in Final Throes

4. Appeals, News and Views from Endangered Communities <
Strategy to Revitalize First Nation, Inuit and Métis Languages
What is happening in Hospitalito Santiago Atitlán?
Drop the language bill!

5. Allied Societies and Activities
Northern California Indian Development Council

6. Reports from the Field

7. Overheard on the Web
Ray Kiogima, co-author of "Odawa Language and Legends," from the Odawa Bands Governmental Center in Harbor Springs Dance at Odawa (=Ottawa) Annual Pow-wow Venezuela Revitalizes Indigenous Culture - Anu
‘Language Planning Challenges and Prospects in Native American Communities and Schools’ (Feb 2006)

8. Places to Go - On the Net and in the World
Endangered Languages of the Indigenous Peoples of Siberia
Voices of Mexican Languages
Two web resources on Romani language and linguistics:
My Name is Yu Ming - Yu Ming is Ainm Dom
Teaching Indigenous Languages
Preserving and promoting American Indian languages
Native greetings online
Archivo de Lenguas Indígenas de México

9. Forthcoming Meetings
Northwest Indian Language Institute (NILI): "From Language Learner to Language Teacher" , Univ. Oregon, July 5-21, 2006,
Immersion in Conversational Shoshoni
Forum Theatre: Reclaiming Our Aboriginal Languages, June 28-July 4 2006, Vancouver, British Columbia.
What is Forum Theatre?

10. Recent Publications
A Grammar of Mina
A Grammar of Jahai
A Grammar of Gayo: a language of Aceh, Sumatra
Book on Gayo by M. Junus Melalatoa
UC Publications in Linguistics
UCPL 135: James A. Matisoff, "Handbook of Proto-Tibeto-Burman: System and Philosophy of Sino-Tibetan Reconstruction" (2003).
UCPL 136: Jane H. Hill, "A Grammar of Cupeño" (October 18, 2005).
UCPL 137: Alice Shepherd, "Proto-Wintun" (December 15, 2005).
Saving Languages: An Introduction to Language Revitalization

Recent demonstrations on Mother Tongue Day by speakers of minority languages in Peshawar, Pakistan. (The picture shows representatives of the Hindko language, one of many featured on the day. Hindko is a minority language in the country, with a population of 3,000,000 speakers, as recorded for 1993). (Picture by courtesy of Fakhruddin, FLI, Peshawar)

Dance at Odawa (=Ottawa) Annual Pow-wow

Book on Gayo by M. Junus Melalatoa