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#2 April 9 1996
Editor: Nicholas D. M. Ostler

Published by:
Foundation for Endangered Languages,
Batheaston Villa, 172 Bailbrook Lane, Bath BA1 7AA, England
e-mail: nostler(at)
Phone: +44/(0) -1225-852865 Fax: +44/(0) -1225-859258

Iatiku is the mother goddess of the Acoma tribe of New Mexico, who caused people to speak different languages so that it would not be so easy for them to quarrel. Table of Contents

1. Editorial 1
This Issue of Iatiku 1

2. Development of the Foundation 2
Aims of the Foundation 2
Reports on Meetings 3, 4, 5 4
Conservation of Endangered Languages: Echoes of the Bristol Seminar 6

3. Appeals 6
An Endangerment Situation In Brazil 6
Support for Nahuatl Publishing 7
Tribal Protest in India: Call for Action 7

4. News of Allied Societies and Activities 9
Inaugurating the International Clearing House for Endangered Languages: Tokyo, 18-20 Nov. 1995: 9
Terralingua 13
LDUL: Language Documentation Urgency List 15

5. Overheard on the Web 16
Glasburyon - a poem 16
Scarce Resources: Issues arising in Siberia and Australia 17
Literacy - a Double-Edged Sword 19
Ladin dialects and Rumantsch: a Recent Referendum 20
Some Irish Proverbs 21
Schools in Hawaiian 21
To Pay or Not to Pay? Thoughts Inspired by Fieldwork in Siberia 21
The More You Pay, The More Itís Worth 22

6. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World 23
GALICIA: a New Electronic List of Galician Culture 23
Fuegan Web Site 23
New site for Quechua Language on the Web 24
Information on Teaching Materials for North American Native Languages 24
Bookstores that sell Irish language items. 24
Comparative Linguistics in African Languages of the Sahel-Sahara zone 25
Himalayan Languages Project 25
Australian Indigenous Languages: Gamilaraay/Kamilaroi Web dictionary 26
Language Shift - New Mailing List 26

7. Forthcoming Meetings 27
International Conference on Language Rights 27
World Conference on Linguistic Rights 27
Sixth International Conference on Minority Languages 27
Symposium on New Technologies and Less Commonly Taught Languages 28
Summer Intensive Yucatec Maya Course 28
American Indian Language Development Institute 28
Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication 28
Himalayan Languages Symposium 29
Language Contact: International Ivar Aasen Conference 29
Festival of Films in Languages of Limited Diffusion (Eremuak'96) 29

8. Publications of Interest 30
Stabilizing Indigenous Languages 30
Ojibwe language and history 31
MultiLingual Computing - The Magazine of Language Technology 31
Nationalist Mobilization in Catalonia and the Basque Country: 31
The Zia Pueblo in New Mexico and the Karuk Tribe in Northern California 32
"Living Languages Of The Americas" 32

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