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First of all, apologies for the late distribution of the recent issues of Ogmios. Your new editor has been learning the finer points of the technology of editing, and hopefully the production process is being speeded up for this and future issues. Im grateful for all the help Ive received from our active assistant editors more power to their elbows!

Because our Foundation is a charity, and not a commercial organisation, we have not been in a position to commission articles for Ogmios for payment, and so instead of providing original articles, the editor and assistant editors have been drawing on freely available sources of information about endangered languages from other media in addition to keeping you up to date with news about the development of the Foundation itself, of course. But in the future we aim to bring you original articles by both members and non-members. Let me encourage you to put pen to paper or paw to keyboard and share with us your own challenges, frustrations and experiences of life in the wonderful world of Endangered Languages. Youll be made welcome. Pictures, too, are welcome, in any form in which you care to send them.