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The Foundation for Endangered Languages is now accepting propos-als for projects of work that will support, enable or assist the protec-tion or promotion of one or more endangered languages. These endangered languages may be anywhere in the world. Deadline: February 28, 2007 By that date, full proposals (consisting of Case for Support and Application Form) must reach FEL at the address below. Proposals received will be acknowledged on receipt.

The FEL Committee will announce its decision by 31st March 2007.

The Foundation for Endangered Languages is committed to raising awareness of endangered languages and supporting revitalisation and preservation of endangered languages through all channels and me-dia. The Foundation awards grants to projects that further its aims as and when the funds permit. The Foundation's funds remain ex-tremely limited this year and only an exceptional award will be greater than US $1,000. Smaller proposals stand a better chance of funding

Research projects that focus on the revitalisation of the endangered languages and support of the use of endangered languages in com-munity life (home, school, education, cultural and economic life) will be given priority. Projects restricted to language documentation will not be eligible for funding this year.

Please pass on this announcement to your friends and colleagues in endangered-language communities who may not have access to Og-mios, the Internet or e-mail. Format for Submissions:

Applicants must submit a short “Case for Support” and a Application Form. Guidance on how to write a Case, and fill out the form, is accessible at the Foundation's website: -

The Case for Support (CS) and Application Form (AF) are best sub-mitted as Word files attached to an e-mail message sent to and Non-ascii text should be in some form of Unicode. The two files should be named "languageCS.doc" and "languageAF.doc", substi-tuting the name of the language to be studied for 'language'.

Copies printed on paper will also be accepted as an alternative. In general, it is not necessary to send a hard copy of an electronic pro-posal for confirmation, but FEL may request this if there are major difficulties in reading the file.

All proposals must be in this format, to ensure comparability. Unless agreed in advance in writing, proposals must be in English.


This Winter 2006/2007 edition of Ogmios contains the usual mix of articles and items culled from the many available sources, mostly in cyberspace, dealing with threatened languages and related topics. As I mentioned in the previous issue, it would be good to see the balance of material appearing in these pages shifted in favour of original articles by our members, and commissioned articles, so we continue to look forward to submissions from you, the readers. You can send articles and illustrations directly to me at or by post to the address given on the membership form. Meanwhile, enjoy the miscellany you will find in these pages.

Please note especially the announcement of the new way of paying your FEL subscription and ordering FEL publications directly on-line! This is the time for all old members to re-new subscription for 2007, so please do the necessary, and help fund this year’s grants. You can either use the form at the end of the newsletter, or our new online system at