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10. Recent Publications

Alexandre Duchêne and Monica Heller (ed.), Discourses of Endangerment: Ideology and interest in the defence of languages

Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd, January 2007
Hardback: ISBN 0 8264 8745 9 U.K. £75.00
Current academic discussions and public debates frequently focus on the importance of defending languages against various kinds of dangers. Many focus on defending institu-tionalized languages against multilingualism, or conversely defending minority languages against the incursion of larger ones. This book challenges such a view, to argue that the dis-cussions in question are not about language itself, but rather that we are witnessing, on the terrain of language, ideological struggles which are centrally about the position of na-tion states and of minorities in the new glob-alized world order. Covering a wide-range of languages from different sociolinguistic per-spectives, this book is essential reading for academics interested in language endanger-ment and sociolinguistics.

K. David Harrison, When Languages Die: The extinction of the world's languages and the erosion of human knowledge

Oxford University Press, NY, 2007
Hardback: ISBN: 9780195181920 Pages: 304 U.S. $ 29.95
Speakers of thousands of the world's lan-guages are now switching to speaking global tongues, abandoning their ancestral tongues at an unprecedented rate. As these languages vanish, what exactly is being lost? This book highlights the complex systems of knowledge embedded in language, and shows their loss, on the individual and global scales. Language abandonment is a loss not only to the com-munities, but to the scholars of every field, and to humanity as a whole.

Osahito Miyaoka, Osamu Saki-yama, Michael E. Krauss: The Van-ishing Languages of the Pacific Rim

Oxford University Press, NY, 2007
Hardback: ISBN: 9780199266623 Pages: 552 Price: U.K. £ 65.00
This book presents the first comprehensive survey of the languages of the Pacific rim, a vast region containing the greatest typological and genetic diversity in the world. As its lan-guages decline and disappear, sometimes without trace, this rich linguistic heritage is rapidly eroding. Distinguished scholars report on the current state of the region's languages. Their analyses range from the regional to the local and focus on languages in a wide variety of social and ecological settings. Together they make a compelling case for research throughout the region, and show how and where this needs to be done.

Sarasvati, Hindu goddess of culture, Cen-tral Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore