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7. Letters to the Editor

From Juris Cibuls, Latvia, by e-mail:

In May there will be an international confer-ence on ethnic aspects…[see section 9 below -ed.] Then this year we will celebrate the 90th anniversary since Latgale decided to become part of Latvia….

I don't remember if I have told you about my exhibition in Thessaloniki. The official au-thorities of the Council of Thessaloniki pro-hibited displaying of a Macedonian primer from Skopje. I had to take it back to Riga! I was glad they did not confiscate it. I still re-member the times when I was not allowed to exhibit the Polish primer (during the times of ‘Solidarity’), when the Soviet customs confis-cated the Latvian primers from America, etc. In October I went to Lithuania to visit my friends there. We went also to a small town Trakai near Vilnius where Karaims still live (some 200 persons). I have written an article about them and it will be published soon.

Now I have my exhibition in Latgale. It is dedicated to the 85th anniversary since a Lat-galian primer by F. Trasuns was published. The exhibition takes place in his museum. I am happy and proud of having the original of his primer, so I was able to make a xerox copy and present it to the museum.

Best regards