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10. Recent Publications

Saami language CD: Mari Boine: Idjagiedas

New from Mari Boine: Idjagiedas is the title of her new CD. She says “I’m always looking for expressions which are more than just words. It’s about giving yourself to it. The title means “in the hand of the night.” The lyrics are mostly written by Rauni Magga Lukkari, and perhaps the Saami language’s foremost poet today, Karen Anne Buljo. “My language is so minimal compared to the language of these ladies, and I want these nuances to work with,” says Boine. “This is a CD where the lyrics go into the spiritual, but a text like Buljo’s ‘Reindeer of Diamond’ feels contemporary considering what is happening in the northern areas. She wrote this a few years ago when an international mining company started digging for diamonds (in Sápmi) without permission. The song has sadness because of the inability to stop these powers.”

The interviewer asks, “You have been angry for many years. Has something grown that fights for the values you have fought for?” Mari replies, “Yes, there is much more pride now than before. The problem is lack of resources in the schools. Alaska and Canada have come much further with indigenous rights. I wish we in Norway wouldn’t have to beg anymore. Look at the oil drilling going on in the North – a percentage of that wealth should go to Sami culture.” Her next project is Nils Gaup’s film on the Guovdageainnu uprising. Her grandmother is from the Skum family, one of the families involved.

SOAS ELAP: Language Documentation and Description, vol 4.

This is now available from the Endangered Languages Academic Programme at the School of Oriental and Afri-can Studies, University of London.

Volume 4 is a collection of papers dealing with three top-ics in language documentation:

  • Current issues in language documentation
  • Meaning and translation in language documentation
  • Literacy and language documentation

    A CD-ROM, The Disappearing Sounds of the World’s Lan-guages, based on a lecture given by the late Professor Peter Ladefoged, is provided free with the volume. Most of the papers arose from workshops held at SOAS in December 2005 and February 2006. They represent important contributions to the theory and practice of the field of language documentation by leading scholars and younger researchers, including Yonas M. Asfaha, Peter K. Austin, Henrik Bergqvist, David Bradley, Éva Á. Csató, Nick Evans, William A. Foley, Jeff Good, Lenore A. Grenoble, Sjaak Kroon, Jeanne Kurvers, Simon Mus-grave, David Nathan, Mary Raymond, Hans-Jürgen Sasse, Nick Thieberger, and Anthony C. Woodbury.

    The volume will be of interest to anyone concerned with documenting and describing languages. Cost: GBP £10.00 (which includes CD-ROM; postage and packaging is £2.50 extra); for ordering information, see