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4. Appeals, News and Views from Endangered Communities

Encouraging the use of Manx

Manx Gaelic had been pronounced dead in 1974 when its last first-language speaker, Ned Maddrell, died. Yet today, from an office in Port St.Mary on the Isle of Man, the Manx Language Officer is ener-getically spearheadinga campaign to promote the revivalk and daily use of Manx Gaelic, or Yn Ghaelg as it is known to its speakers. The Language Officer represents the Manx Heritage Foundation, a charity based on the island whose rile is to fund and support all aspects of indigenous culture on the island. The Foundation has produced a number of leaflets and publications which are quite exemplary for anyone wishing to rescue a language from its death-throes. At present the Foundation is preparing a learners website, according to the Lan-guage Officer, Adrian Cain. Meanwhile I can pass on the following useful links:

For information about the work of the Manx Heritage Foundation:
http:// www. manxheritage. Org

For a general overview of the Manx language there is a website run by Phil Kelly:
http:// www. bunscoill. iofm. net/

For information about the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh:
http:// www. bunscoill. iofm. net/

The Manx Language Society, yn Cheshaght Ghalickagh, is at
http:// www. ycg. iofm. net/

The Bible in Manx can be searched at
http:// www. mannin. Info/MHF/

And Manx Radio provides the news in Manx Gaelic each week at
www. manxradio. Com/ newsinGaelic. Aspx

A new website has just been set up for a playgroup organisation using the language, which Adrian Cain says was instrumental in changing attitudes towards Manx Gaelic.

The printed matter promoting Manx includes:
A Guide to the Business Use of Manx (Gaelg son dellal) (with a CD)
Gaelg Vio/Your guide to the Manx language and culture of the Isle of Man
Dhooraght: A Yearly Journal of Manx Gaelic (in Manx)
Brochure: 6 oyryn mie/ 6 good reasons
Pocket Guides (in Manx and English)to: Fresh Produce; Places of Mann; Birds of Mann; Wildlife of Mann; the Music of Mann; the Manx language.
Promotional leaflet from the Manx Language Advisory Council
Beautifully printed, colourful and in handy sizes, these are a credit to their producers and would be an inspiration to anyone seeking to pro-mote the revival of a severely endangered language. If you would like to know more, you can contact Adrian Cain, the Manx Language Of-ficer, by post at PO Box 17, Port St.Mary, Isle of Man IM99 7QJ, by e-mail at greinneyder at