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7. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World

Some Native American Web Sites

Jordan S. Dill jsd(at) via NAT-LANG (nat-lang(at) writes:

We've got a pretty good compact history of the Abenaki at

The Mahican is at

First Nations/First Peoples Issues
(4 Star Magellan site)

Wounded Knee Home Page

Instructional Materials on Native American Languages…

A good source of information for instructional materials on all Native languages is Prof. Victor Golla's Web site at the University of California at Davis, "Learning Aids for North American Indian Languages."

… and Specifically on Canada:

The Ken-Ta-Soo-Win Database Project (Ojibway and Cree Cultural Centre, Timmins, Ontario) maintains a directory of teaching materials for the Native languages of Canada. It was developed to aid teachers, students, and others working with Native languages to find appropriate resources, and covers all dialects and proficiency levels. Anyone working with a Canadian language is invited to register their materials with the Project. An update of recent acquisitions is now in progress, but it is anticipated that copies will be ready for distribution soon. For further information, write or call: Ms. Jameson C. Brant, Database Coordinator, Ojibway & Cree Cultural Centre, 43 Balsam St South, Timmins, Ontario P4N 2C7, Canada (+1-705-267-7911). [Oct. 1994]