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11. Publications Received

David Crystal - Vanishing Languages

I was very interested to receive from David Crystal a copy of an article of his that had just appeared in Civilization, the magazine of the Library of Congress. Entitled Vanishing Languages, it was the cover article for the issue of Feb-Mar 1997, and is an excellent 6-page account of the issues, with lavish photographic illustrations - of Welsh youths, Papuan fishermen, an Australian Aboriginal ritual, the last Quileute speaker, and a lesson in Hocak.

Tove Skuttnab-Kangas - 3 Articles

I have received from Tove Skuttnab-Kangas at the University of Roskilde 3 new papers of central relevance to language endangerment:



Notes on Language Diversity and Linguistic Democracy, to appear in Mark Fettes ed., Symposium Proceedings, Nitobe Symposium of International Organizations on ‘Language for International Peace and Democracy’, 81st World Esperanto Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, 21-3 July 1996.

Language attrition, language death, language murder - different facts or different ideologies? in the Proceedings of the Conference “Strong” and “weak” languages in the European Union. Aspects of Linguistic Hegemonism, Thessaloniki, Greece, 26-8 March 1997.

Human Rights and Language Wrongs - a Future for Diversity? to appear in Language Sciences, special volume, edited by Phil Benson, Peter Grundy and Tove Skuttnab-Kangas.