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7. Places to Go - on the Web and in the World

Language Learning on the Web

The first site is on the Endangered Language Fund page:

It lists regularly taught courses in endangered languages. (As always, if anyone has updates, we would be pleased to have them. Mail them to elf(at)

The second site is from the University of Minnesota, and is on less commonly taught languages:

Doug Whalen
President, Endangered Language Fund



Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights

The full text of the Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights, signed in Barcelona in 1996, can be found at


"Inuktitut: The Language of the Inuit People" is maintained by Leo Ussak Elementary School--"The Coolest School in Canada's Arctic"--in Rankin Inlet, NWT (in the soon-to-be Inuit territory of Nunavut). The site features downloadable Inuktitut lessons in Hypercard created by Alexina Kublu and Mick Mallon, and sound files of, among other things, "Amazing Grace" sung in Inuktitut, and the Inuktitut version of "O Canada!" Many links to other sites, including syllabary fonts.