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7. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World

Centro Cultural Abya-Yala (Quito, Ecuador)
El Centro Cultural Abya-Yala (Quito, Ecuador) es desarrollando sus actividades desde hace 22 años... Además de otras actividades el Centro cuenta con una Editorial y Librera especializadas... En 1983 se escoge el nombre de ABYA-YALA para cobijar en un solo sello editorial todas las publicaciones que se refieren a los pueblos indios del continente...

En Octubre hemos logrado obtener un dominio propio en Internet y hemos lanzado al mundo nuestra página web. Aunque se encuentre en fase de construcción e implementación, visítenos a la dirección:

Santiago Fruci S., Centro Cultural Abya-Yala
Av. 12 de Octubre 1430 y Wilson - Casilla 17-12-401 - Quito, Ecuador
e-mail: enlace(at)
Telf. +593-2-506266 Fax +593-2-506256

Lakota Information Home Page

This site on the Lakota and Dakota peoples (sometimes referred to as Sioux or Siouan peoples) is a joint project by Martin Broken Leg at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Raymond Bucko, S.J. at Le Moyne College, Syracuse, New York. Users interested in Native American Studies, and the Lakota and Dakota peoples in particular, will find a large number of useful resources at this site. Features include an 820-item bibliography, language resources, electronic texts, full-text treaties and resources addressing current legal concerns, historical essays, and information on Lakota and Dakota educational institutions. The site also contains a collection of related (mostly non-academic) links.

Sardinian Web-Site
Si vous voulez d'autres informations directes sur la langue sarde, sur les activitées en et pour cette langue, sur le livres qu'on publie chez les editions Papiros … qui sont presque la seule maison d'édition qui publie livres en sarde et d'autres arguments que nous sommes en train d'inserer dans Internet, vous pouvez nous trouver à l'adresse suivante: …



le directeur
PAPIROS scrl, P.O.Boc 1/C, I-08100 NUORO, Sardinia tel. + 39 784 34299, fax + 39 784 230440

Language Maintenance and Revitalization Organizations
From Luisa Maffi (maffi(at)
I thought I should make you aware that the recently revamped Terralingua web site now features a page specifically devoted to language maintenance and revitalization organizations from all over the world, which we plan to continue expanding. When people ask you such questions, you may want to mention our site too. The URL is:
--Luisa Maffi
President, TERRILINGUA, Dept Psychology, Northwestern University

Ur-List of Anthropological Web Resources

The Ur-List of Anthropological Web Resources, with special emphasis on visual anthropology and media, facilitates web searches by cross-indexing more than two hundred anthropological sites according to the categories of information they contain.

A selection from the the list of categories calls up two kinds of sites to choose from. The first are those dedicated exclusively to the category of information that was selected. Sites in the second list are multifaceted. Users must visit and browse through them in order to find the information they need.

This list was compiled by Peter Biella ( Hofstra University). It is currently maintained by Jay Ruby at Temple University.