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8. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World

The Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights

was published in June of 1996 in the Mercator-linguistic law and legislation Bulletin. Its website address is:
and its e-mail: mailto:ciemen(at)

Nekane Barandiaran
EKB - Euskal Kulturaren Batzarrea
(Congress for Basque Culture)

Baleazaleak 12, 1 A. 20011-Donostia
Tel.: + 34 (9)43 466676
Faxa: + 34 (9)43 466894
e-mail: ekb(at)

Monument for Dying Languages

As an artist I am working on an Internet art project. See what it looks like on the site:

The project is a web site devoted to seriously endangered languages all over the world. It is not a scientific compilation of all endangered languages, according to Ethnologue, but has to be seen as a virtual work of art.

It is not a closed project, but "a work in progress", in permanent evolution. Neither is it the creation of a single man (me), but a collective enterprise. It is not "My page" it is the language page.

The functions of the web site is to let know about the existence of dying languages by art to a large audience and to increase the possibility of permanent contact with and between all native speakers of endangered languages. My interest in languages comes from the facts that I am a poet, that I studied French linguistics at university, and that, during my youth in Brittany, I had to witness the decline of the Breton language.

Would you like to participate? Would you mind to making or organizing one or more pages?
drs. Patrick-Henri Burgaud,
Zypendaalseweg 75
6814 CE Arnhem, the Netherlands
tel/fax +31- 26 4438902
Arnhem, April 1998

An amazing scholarly site listing the numbers from 1 to 10 in over 2,400 languages.

Lowland Languages

There is a mailing list called "Lowland languages" dealing with Low Saxon, Frisian, Scots, Dutch and Afrikaans.

The address is: They also have some Frisian related material on their website:


Maltese Language Learning Products

Tue, 14 Apr 1998
I am a lecturer at the University of Malta ( Malta - Europe) currently residing in the US. During my stay here I am trying to promote the Maltese language internationally. As many of you know Maltese is a Semitic language but quite unique in that it is written in the Roman alphabet.

At present I am promoting three Maltese language learning products created by Professors of linguistics at my University.You can link to my site which gives full descriptions of these products, including background to the Maltese language, at

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

Suzanne Piscopo MA, Lecturer,
University of Malta Tel: +1 212 951 4533
Fax: +1 212 695 8229

African Indigenous Knowledge Systems
--Milton Takei

Western Australian Languages

An online version of Nicholas Thieberger, Handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages South of the Kimberley Region (1993), an annotated bibliography and guide to the indigenous languages of a large part of Western Australia. Information on individual languages can be found via a geographic, alphabetic, or language family index. Data can be found on: geographical location; names of the language and different spellings that have been used; classification; present number and distribution of speakers; people who have worked intensively to record the language; practical spelling system; language programmes; and bibliographical references to word lists, texts, grammars or sketch grammars, language learning material, and literature in the language. Also included are a pronunciation guide, and some great graphics.

Yukon Native Language Centre
A public version of the Yukon Native Language Centre web site is at last ready. It is on a different server from the one previously noted. The URL is:
--Doug Hitch
YNLC, Yukon College
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5K4, Canada

J. A. Bickford (albert_bickford(at) 18 May 1998:
The Mexico branch of SIL has just launched a new website, which is a subsite of the main SIL website. We hope to make it a major outlet for a variety of things, including previously published, newly-published, and unpublished materials. Some things are already posted.

It is located at:

http:// --J. Albert Bickford, SIL 16131 N. Vernon Tucson AZ 85739-9395

Mesoamerican languages (“the Snake Jaguar Project”)
From Terrence S. Kaufman (topkat+(at) 16 April 1998:

John Justeson and I have created a website on which to post the materials produced by our project, which we call the Project for the Documentation of the Languages of MesoAmerica (PDLMA), or the Snake Jaguar Project. We will eventually post not only dictionaries but also text collections and grammars and articles, but for the moment what the site has is two dictionaries: Oluta Mijean and San Miguel Chimalapa Soke.

Our research is sponsored by both NSF and the National Geographic Society. We project about 25 dictionaries over the next few (say 10) years.

Our website address is:

Terry Kaufman & John Justeson
University of Pittsburgh & SUNY-Albany

From Serafin Coronel-Molina (scoronel(at) 1 May 1998:

A native speaker of Quechua, I have recently developed a website devoted to Quechua which I have called "CyberQuechua". The URL is:

CyberQuechua is organized into thematic pages: academics; literature and culture; translation work; bibliography on Quechua; linguistics; and news about Quechua (a list of links to selected sites that do not fall into any of the other categories). The linguistics page is still under construction and I would be more than happy to receive suggestions from other members regarding any pertinent links or other (non-link) information that I could include.

Serafin M. Coronel-Molina
Graduate School of Education, U. Pennsylvania

Programa de Educacion Intercultural Bilingue para los Paeses Andinos

From PROEIB (proeib(at) 18 Mar 1998:

This is an invitation to all SSILA Members and Bulletin subscribers to visit the web site for our organization, "Programa de Educacion Intercultural Bilingue para los Paeses Andinos" (PROEIB). There you will find information on our activities in the field of indigenous intercultural bilingual education in the Andean subregion.


Luis Enrique Lopez, PROEIB Andes
Casilla 6759, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Center for Amazonian Literature and Culture

A free service, advertising conferences and cultural news and publications that relate to Pan-Amazonia. Their website:

Founded in 1993
Dewey Hall, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts 01063, U.S.A. Tel:+1- 413-585-3461 Fax: -3415
Nicomedes Suarez-Arauz and Charles Cutler, Directors