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10. Publications of Interest

New Akha Cultural Reader

On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, Matthew McDaniel wrote from Thailand:

We have now finished our new Akha Reader (Akha Book of Knowledge). All of the contents are written by Akha writers. This is the culmination of our first book after seven years’ work.

It is in the new script and is 212 pages long. It is copyrighted preventing use for commercial gain but may be duplicated by as many people as would care to otherwise. It is currently only available in file form as a microsoft word document as an attachment. If you would like a copy emailed to you please send me your email address.

The Akha workbook to go with it will be done as soon as the art work is all finished.

Then both books will be waiting for publication for distribution in the villages.

The Reader contains the following chapters:



1. Culture Page
2. Alphabet
3. Exercises for Children
4. Children's Stories
5. A Nyeehf Pahv's Story
6. Culture
7. Ancestor Ceremonies
8. Peehf Mah, Boeuhf Mawv
9. Nyeehf Pahv
10. Sahv Kauhf Bpahxv Urh
11. Dzoeuhv Mah
12. About Western Religions and their Defects
13. Two Old Classical Songs
14. Ballads
15. Genealogies
16. Herbal Medicine
17. Grammar
18. Mathematics
19. Telling Time

We will have this in English as we have time.


Matthew McDaniel
The Akha Heritage Foundation
Maesai, Chiangrai, Thailand