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FEL II Proceedings (Edinburgh 1998)
What Role for the Specialist?
ISBN 0-9538248-0-2

Index of Authors 5
Index of Languages and Families 7

Section 1 Setting the Scene 9
Nicholas Ostler
Foreword: What Role for the Specialist? 11
Donna B. Gerdts The Linguist in Language Revitalization Programmes 13

Section 2 Successful Interactions 23
Bill Jancewicz
Developing Language Programs with the Naskapi of Quebec 25
Gina Cantoni & Jon Reyhner
What Educators Can Do to Aid Community Efforts at Indigenous Language Revitalization 33 Veronica Grondona
Endangered languages, their speakers and the language specialist: the case of Mocoví 38

Section 3 Understanding the Language from the Outside 43
Jens-Eberhard Jahn
Minority Languages in Istria: Experiences from a Sociolinguistic Fieldwork 45
Diego Quesada
Competing Interpretations of History: What if they are Wrong? 53
Tapani Salminen
Minority Languages in a Society in Turmoil: the case of the Northern Languages of the Russian Federation 58
M. Lynn Landweer
Indicators of Ethnolinguistic Vitality: Case Study of Two Languages: Labu and Vanimo 64

Section 4 Understanding the Language from the Inside 73
N. Louanna Furbee, Lori A. Stanley and Tony Arkeketa
The Roles of Two Kinds of Expert in Language Renewal 75
Kim Hardie
Role of Specialists: the Case of Flemish in Belgium 80

Section 5 The New Role of Information Technology 85
Bojan Petek
Slovenian Language in the Information Age 87
R.C. MacDougall
Individuals, Cultures and Telecommunication Technology 91

Section 6 Taking Stock 99
Mari Rhydwen
Strategies for Doing the Impossible 101
Hilaire Valiquette
Community, Professionals, and Language Preservation: First Things First 107
Akira Yamamoto
Retrospect and Prospect on New Emerging Language Communities 113

Supplement: Abstracts from the Open Forum
O.S. Andersen (Ubykh), Nigel Birch (EPSRC), Joy Hendry (Scots), Anda Hofstede (S. Arabian), Jarmo Lainio/Birger Winsa (Digitalization), J.W. Lewis (Sahaptin, Wasco, N. Paiute), J.S. TeRito (Maori) 121

Nicholas Ostler
Afterword: Points Emerging from the Discussion 126
Foundation for Endangered Languages: Manifesto 128

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