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FEL III Proceedings (Maynooth 1999)
Endangered Languages and Education
ISBN 0-9538248-1-0
Index of Authors 5
Index of Languages and Families 7

Section 1 Setting the Scene 9
Nicholas Ostler Foreword and Prospect:
Endangered Languages and Education 11
David Bradley, May Bradley, Li Yongxiang
Language Maintenance of Endangered Languages in Central Yunnan, China 13

Section 2 Finding a Policy 21
Alesia Maltz, Dean Fox To Set Tongues Wagging Again. Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara (N. Dakota) 23
Karen M Johnson-Weiner Educating in English to Maintain German - Amish 31
R. McKenna Brown Mayan Language Revitalization in Guatemala 38
Jon Todal The Use of the Saami language in Norwegian schools (abstract) 43
Eugene McKendry Policy and Irish in Northern Ireland Education (abstract) 44

Section 3 Looking at the Learners 45
Rachel Hoare Breton in education in Brittany: passive and active expression of attitudes. 47
Winifred Crombie, Waldo Houia, Tamati Reedy Language Proficiency Testing of Children in Maori Lang. Education 55
Leopoldina Araujo Fire under Ashes: the ParkatÍjÍ Indiansí Self-Acknowledgment (abstract) 63

Section 4 Working with Non-Written Languages 65
Blair A. Rudes, Francene Patterson You Can't Say That in Tuscarora: Obstacles to Literacy in an Oral Language 67
Tony McEnery, Mabel Lie, Paul Baker and Mark Sebba A Corpus of Spoken UK Sylheti 71
Vladimir Tourovski On the use of computers for preserving endangered languages (abstract) 77

Section 5 Ways and Means 79
Diane Johnson, Ani Rolleston
Whaka piki reo: in-service provision for teachers of and through Mšori 81
Joachim Pfaffe The Ju/íhoan way of Making School (abstract) 87
Bojan Petek Slovenian language in globalized educational arena (abstract) 88

Section 6 Role of Standard Dialects 89
Agurtzane Elordui Disruption of language transmission among Basque dialects 91

Section 7 Impact and Future Prospects 97
Hasan Ouzzate Dashing Amazigh Hopes to Language School Maintenance (abstract) 99
Andrejs Veisbergs Latvian - from Endangered to Semi-restored Official Language (abstract) 100
Kathleen Tacelosky Bilingual Education and Language among the Shipibo (Peru, Amazon) 101
Sheila M. Shannon The role of All-Irish schools in the revival of the Irish language 109
Jeanette King Lessons from Maori schooling experience - 13 years of immersion schools 117
Tapani Salminen About the UNESCO Advisory Committee for Linguistic Pluralism and Multilingual Education (abstract) 125

Foundation for Endangered Languages: Manifesto 127

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