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Proceedings of the Seventh FEL Conference
Broome, Western Australia, 22-24 September 2003
Editors: Joe Blythe & R. McKenna Brown
Map of Languages
Joe Blythe and McKenna Brown: Maintaining the Links: Language, Identity and the Land Languages and Land Claims:
Nigel Crawhall: Rediscovery of N|u and the ‡Khomani Land Claim Process, South Africa
Janet Sharp: Karajarri, Historical and Contemporary Connections with Country and Kin.

Thomas Thornton: Tlingit Place Names and the Language of Subsistence in Southeast Alaska David Nash: Authenticity in Toponymy
Frances Kofod: My Relations, My Country - Language, Identity and Land in the East Kimberley of Western Australia

Planning for the Future:
Patrick McConvell & Nicholas Thieberger: Language data assessment at the national level: Learning from the State of the Environment process in Australia.
Mary Jane Norris: From Generation to Generation: Survival and Maintenance of Canada's Aboriginal Languages, Within Families, Communities and Cities

Language, Identity and the Environment:
Joe Blythe & Glenn Wightman: The Role of Animals and Plants in Maintaining the Links: East Kimberley, Western Australia
N. Louanna Furbee: The Landscape of Language: Tojolab'al Maya Ethnicity and Globalization
Jepkorir Chepyator-Thomson & Norman Thomson : Ecotourism in Kerio Valley, Kenya: Creating a Need for Maintaining Keiyo Language, Identity, and the Land

Language & Identity: Home and Away:
Katherine E. Hoffman: Divided Youth: Language, Longing, and Labor in the Anti-Atlas Homeland, Morocco
David Newry & Keeley Palmer: "Whose language is it anyway? Rights to restrict access to endangered languages: a north-east Kimberley example'

Language Revitalization: Revival:
Mary Chanda: Reviving an Endangered Language "The case of the Mirning Language"
Michael Walsh: Raising Babel: language revitalisation in New South Wales, Australia.

Language Revitalization: Maintenance:
Ilana Mushin: The politics of language revitalisation: balancing Yanyuwa and Garrwa in the Borroloola language project.
Rebecca Green: Gurr-goni, a Minority Language in a Multilingual Community: Surviving into the 21st Century.

Documenting Endangered Languages:
Claire Bowern: Laves' Bardi Texts
Linda Barwick and Allan Marett: Endangered songs and endangered languages
Dafydd Gibbon: Language Documentation and Heritage: publication avenue for language documentation.
Monica Ward : Language Documentation and Revitalisation - is there really a conflict?

Foundation for Endangered Languages: Manifesto

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