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Creating Outsiders Endangered Languages, Migration and Marginalisation
Stellenbosch, South Africa, 18-20 November 2005

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Index of Languages and Families Nigel Crawhall, Nicholas Ostler Preface

Section 1 Keynote Address Rajend Mesthrie Language Endangerment in the Indic and Zanzibari Communities of KwaZulu-Natal

Section 2 Outward Migration and Endangered Languages Tomasz Wicherkiewicz Diaspora Languages at the Edge of Extinction: Karaim, Tatar and Armenian in Central-Eastern Europe at the End of the 20th Century
Tjeerd de Graaf Dutch in the Steppe? The Plautdiitsch Language of the Siberian Mennonites and their Relation with the Netherlands, Germany and Russia
Evgeniy Golovko The Making of Identity, the Making of a Language: on some Linguistic Consequences of the Russian Colonization in Siberia

Section 3 Inward Migration and Endangered Languages Laura Bennetts The Marginalisation of Mosuo
Mary E. Kropp Dakubu Role Restriction and Marginalisation in an Urban Context: the Fate of Ga in Accra
Maarten Mous Yaaku and Ma’á: an Endangered Language and the Way Out
Mamadou Lamine Sanogo Survivance linguistique en pays tiéfo: le cas de Péni

Section 4 First Peoples Nigel Crawhall The Story of !Ui : Causality and Language Shift in Africa
Jakelin Troy, Michael Walsh Languages Off Country? Revitalizing the ‘Right’ Indigenous Languages in the South-East of Australia
Herman M. Batibo ‡Hua: a Critically Endangered Khoesan Language in the Kweneng District of Botswana
Soldier David Naude, Willemien le Roux Endangered Languages, Migration and Marginalisation of the ||Anikhwe
Kipnyango Seroney Identity, Immigration and Colonial Dominance in Kenya: Terik and Luhya, 1942-1950
Kems C. Monaka, Andy M. Chebanne San Relocation: Endangerment through Development in Botswana

Section 5 Policy, Power and Endangered Languages Salem Mezhoud Salvation Through Migration: Immigrant Communities as engine rooms for the survival and revival of the Tamazight (Berber) language
William Fierman Kazakh Language: from Semi-Endangerment to Partial Recovery
Mekonnen Gabre-Yohannes Alemu Multilingual Policy of Education for revitalizing Marginalised Indigenous Languages in Ethiopia
Thamar E. Gindin The Hebrew Component and the Israeli Component: “Sandwich Languages” in Israel

Section 6 States and Minorities Patrick Heinrich Reversing Language Shift on Okinawa Island
Finex Ndhlovu Zimbabwe’s Postcolonial Language Policy Formulation Paradigms 1987-1998: Another Recipe for the Marginalisation of Minority Languages
Maya Khemlani David The Network Theory and Language Maintenance: a Study of Three Communities in Peninsular Malaysia
Galina Dyrkheeva The Buryat Language in Bilingual Environment: Buryat-Russian, Buryat-Chinese, Buryat-Mongol

Section 7 Migrations in History and Prehistory Brigitte Pakendorf Language Loss vs Retention in connection with Prehistoric Migrations in Siberia: a Linguistic-Genetic Synthesis
Ronald P. Schaefer, Francis Egbokhare and Demola Lewis Marginalisation of Northern Edo Vernaculars
Wilson McLeod Gaelic in Scotland: The Impact of the Highland Clearances