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Vital Voices: Endangered Language and Multilingualism
CIIL, Mysore, India, 25-27 October 2006

R. Elangaiyan, R. McKenna Brown, Nicholas D.M. Ostler, Mahendra K. Verma

Section 1 Keynote Address

Lachman Khubchandani
Languages Threatened in a Plural Framework - Dialectics of Speech Variation & Globalization

Section 2 Outlining the Danger

Basantarani Haobam
Multilingualism Endangered

Section 3 Extreme Endangerment

Hugo C. Cardoso
Challenges to Indo-Portuguese across India

Paul Monaghan
Wirangu and Gugada - The survival chances of two neighbouring Australian languages

Section 4 Effects of Contact

Umberto Ansaldo & Lisa Lim
Globalization as a means to empowerment for minority voices Malay in Sri Lanka

Chaithra Puttaswamy
Contact and Convergence in Malto

Elena Benedicto
Language loss to a non-existent enemy - The case of the Tuahka

Section 5 Roles of Religion & Documentation

Begona Echeverria
Speaking in tongues, saving souls - Religion in the 'resurrection' and death of endangered languages

David A. Hough
Beyond Linguistic documentation - Giving New Breath to Indigenous Voices

Abhishek Avtans & Anvita Abbi
Language documentation in Andamans - Highs and Lows

Section 6 Literacy & Revitalization

Inam Ullah
Future of Torwali - Speaking migrants in the urban areas of Pakistan

Stephen Morey
Small languages in a polylingual situation - The case of Turung

Sipos, Maria
On the possibilities of revitalising the Synya dialect of Khanty language

Section 7 Majority-Minority relationship

R. Elangaiyan
Strategies proposed for arresting language endangerment in India

Ronald P. Schaefer and Francis O. Egbokhare
On Profiles of Use for Majority Languages in Southern Nigeria

Section 8 Development & Changes

Victoria June Stockton
Carving Both Sides - Globalization in Education Reform and Language Politics

Maya Khemlani David
Language Maintenance or Language Shift? A sociolinguistic study of the Temuan in urban Kuala Lumpur

Kemmonye C. Monaka & Gregory. H. Kamwendo
Linguistic minorities and marginalization in Botswana

Section 9 Cooperation with Neighbour Languages

Khadim Hussain Bahria
Language Shift in the Minority Swat Kohistani Community - The Case of Ushojo

Hakim Elnazarov
Multilingualism in Pamir - Challenges of Preservation and Revitalization

Section 10 Emerging Complexity & Community Language Support

Yankee Modi
The complexity and emergence of Hindi as Lingua Franca in Arunachal Pradesh

Nina Dobrushina
Multilingualism in Archi - Communication, self-identification and social prestige

Kavita Rastogi
Challenges and Responses to the Survival of a Tribal Language 'Raji'

Christine Schreyer
Re-orientations in Language Planning - A "language-as-cultural-resource" model from a Canadian First Nation


Udaya Narayana Singh
The Sense of Danger - Some Reflections on Language Endangerment