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Working Together for Endangered Languages: Research Challenges and Social Impacts
Foundation for Endangered Languages
Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
26-28 October 2007

Index of Authors

Section 1 Inauguration and Keynote

Preface: Working Together for Endangered Languages: Research Challenges and Social Impacts - Maya Khemlani David, Nicholas Ostler, Caesar Dealwis

From Nostalgia to Hope: The Impacts of a Language Documentation/Revitalization Project Among the Mapoyo Of Venezuela – Tania Granadillo and Maria Eugenia Villalon

Section 2 Community Empowerment: Some Needs

Collaborative Language Revival – the work of Kaurna Warra Pityandi (AdelaidePlains, South Australia) - Rob Amery and Alitya Wallara Rigney

A Model of Participatory Action Research: the Mayangna Linguists Team of Nicaragua - Elena Benedicto and Demetrio Antolín, Modesta Dolores, M. Cristina Feliciano, Gloria Fendly, Tomasa Gómez, Baudilio Miguel, and Elisa Salomón (Mayangna Yulbarangyang Balna)

Section 3 Community Empowerment: Some Issues

Developing Language Partnership with Tohono O’odham Nation (Arizona) – Colleen Fitzgerald

Who Pays the Piper? – Simon Musgrave and Nicholas Thieberger

Sensitivity to Code Selected for Discourse: Focus on the Bidayuhs in Kamponung Bogag, Bau District, Sarawak – Caesar Dealwis and Maya Khemlani David

Section 4 Performance Arts

Critical Multilingual Shift in Sanya, China: Accelerated Urbanization and Possible Sociolinguistic Repair - Benjamin K. Tsou, Andy C. Chin, Ouyang Jueya, Carol To, Kenny Mok and Yang Weihui

Section 5 Theoretical Viewpoints

Deontology of sociolinguistic & ethnomusicology fieldwork, Italy – Paolo Coluzzi

Addressing the Ground of Language Endangerment (Victoria, Australia) - Christina Eira

Section 6 Implications of Education

Importance and Acquisition of Navajo Verbs in Navajo Children (New Mexico) - Melvatha R. Chee

Orthography Development through Compulsory Education (Thailand) - Mark Holt

Section 7 Government Policy effects

On the Realization of Language Legislation in Russia: The Case of Buryatia – Galina Dyrkheeva

Siraiki: A Case of ‘Linguistic Cringe’ in Pakistan – Saiqa Asif

Challenges in Language Modernization in China: The Case of Prinmi – Picus Ding

Researching Language Maintenance and Vitality in SW Zimbabwe – Finex Ndhlovu

Field experiences from Indus Kohistan, NWFP, Pakistan – Talib Jan

Section 8 Effects of Outside Interests

Saving Souls / Saving Languages: Writing Vernacular Aramaic (Western/Central Asia) – Eden Naby

Documenting the Vidunda language of Tanzania – Karsten Legère

Endangerment of Japanese language in Japanese diaspora: Evidence from a Russian Island Sakhalin - Yoshiyuki Asahi

Section 9 Effects of Community Attitudes

The Baka of Gabon: an Endangered Language and Culture – Pascale Paulin

Documenting in a Multilingual Setting: the case of the Barombi