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Editors: Hakim Elnazarov and Nicholas Ostler
Hakim Elnazarov and Nicholas Ostler Endangered Languages and History
Nicholas Ostler The Pedigree of Nations: Endangered Languages’ Value to History
SECTION 1 Historical Sources in Language Preservation
Olga Kazakevich Community history against a background of the history of Russia reflected in life stories of the Ket, Selkup, and Evenki
Tjeerd de Graaf The Use of Historical Documents and Sound Recordings for the Study and Safeguarding of Endangered Languages
Leila Dodykhudoeva and Vladimir Ivanov Data Elicitation in Endangered Pamiri communities: Interdependence of Language and History
McKenna Brown Who Owns the Mayan Apocalypse? Identity Claims in El 13 B'atkun by Gaspar Pedro Gonzalez
SECTION 2 Identity and Language Shift
Cassie Smith-Christmas Gaelic History, Identity, and Language Shift
Inayatullah Faizi Religion as a Tool of  Social Domination: Case Study of Kalasha from Chitral, Northern Pakistan
Elbon Hojibekov The use of Shughni language in Ghoron of Ishkashim district of Badakshan and the causes of its demise.
Корбурди забони шуцнони дар Цорони Бадахшони Тоьикистон  ва сабабыои аз байн рафтани он: Таылили этно-лингвисти
Vlada Baranova Deportation and Language Identity in Kalmykia
SECTION 3 Language and State: Past and Present
Dörte Borchars The career of endangered languages in Nepal’s young democracy
Gaybullah Babayarov and Andrey Kubatin The role of Sogdian language in the Western Turkic Qaghanate
Роль согдийского языка в Западно-Тюркском каганате
Shahnaz Hunzai Economic Ascendancy and Cultural Dominance in the Northern Areas: A Threat to the Existence of Burushaski
Khushnazar Pomirzod Shughni Language as a Language of a Khayani Tribe in Avesto
zabān-e šugnāni (xụgnōni) zabān-e qabīle xayāni yād šode dar avestā
SECTION 4 Historical Perspective on Language Shift
Gwendolyn Hyslop and Karma Tshering The Tasha-Sili Language of Bhutan:  a case study in language shift and Bhutanese pre-history
Maya David The Importance of a Historical Perspective in Language Shift Studies: Focus on Minority Indian Communities in Kuching, Malaysia
Logan Sutton Kiowa-Tanoan: What’s in the Hyphen?
Vincent Wintermans An Early Attempt to Prepare a Global Strategy for Endangered Languages: CIPL, IIIC and the 'primitive languages in process of extinction' (1928-1929)
Michael Walsh The rise and fall of GIDS in accounts of language endangerment
Boghshoh Lashkarbekov The Influence of the Global and Migration Processes on the Destiny of the Pamiri Languages and the People of Pamir
Влияние исторических миграционных и глобализационных процессов на судьбу памирских языков и малых народов Памира
SECTION 5 Endangered Language as Historical Source
Paolo Coluzzi Language vitality and “historical presence”
Joy Edelman Reflection of History of the People of Pamir  in the Pamiri Languages
Отражение в памирских языках истории народов Памира
Sulaiman Nuristani Historical Development of the Languages and Culture of the People of Nuristan, Afghanistan
qadāmat-e tārīxi-e zabān wa kaltūr-e mardom-e nūristān
SECTION 8 OPEN SESSION: Reflection of Pamiri Languages in the Customs and Literary Traditions of People of Badakhshan
Saifiddin Mirzoev Yaghnob is My Motherland and Sughdi is My Language
Яѓноб мењаним хастї зивоким суѓдї
(Яѓноб ватанам аст, забонам суѓдї)
La'ljuba Mirzohasanov Historical and Educational Values of Folk Songs in Pamiri (Shughni) Language – Арзишыои таърихи- маърифатии сурудыои маросими ва цайримаросимии помири (шуцнони)
Zarifa Nazarova, and Nazar Nazarov Language Situation in the Western Pamir: Case of Linguistic Materials on the Endangerment of Ishkashimi Language - Вазъи Забонҳои Помири Ғарби: Хатари азбайнравии Забони Ишкошими
SECTION 9 Learning from History: Prospects for Language Revitalization
Saiqa Asif Death by Desertion: Linguistic Meltdown of Siraiki Idioms and Proverbs
Muqbilsho Alamshoev Historical formation and prospects for preservation of Pamirian languages – Историческое становление и перспективы сохранения памирских языков
Varka Okhoniyozov Pamiri Native Poetry as a Shield to Traditions and Beliefs of the People of Pamir – Назми мањаллии помиризабон - муњофизи суннатњо ва эътиќодоти мардумї