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Foundation for Endangered Languages

The Foundation for Endangered Languages supports, enables and assists the documentation, protection and promotion of endangered languages. This website describes our activities, and includes our newsletter Ogmios and details of our conferences.


FEL XIX (FELNOLA). Our upcoming conference has the theme The music of endangered languages. It will be held in New Orleans, USA, from 7-10 October 2015. See the conference page.

Ogmios 56, latest issue of Ogmios, the FEL newsletter

FEL has a new Canadian chapter FELC - FEL Canada

Grants: 11 new FEL grants awarded in 2015

Web news and stories on Endangered Languages 




The aims of the Foundation are:
  • to raise awareness of endangered languages, both inside and outside the communities where they are spoken, through all channels and media
  • to support the use of endangered languages in all contexts: at home, in education, in the media, and in social, cultural and economic life
  • to monitor linguistic policies and practices, and to seek to influence the appropriate authorities where necessary
  • to support the documentation of endangered languages, by offering financial assistance, training, or facilities for the publication of results
  • to collect and make available information of use in the preservation of endangered languages; to disseminate information on all of the above activities as widely as possible