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1. Where is the Poetry?
Review of Jane Freeland and Donna Patrick ed., Language Rights and Language Survival

2. Development of the Foundation
Call for Applications for FEL Grants
A. Guidance on writing the Case for Support
B. Guidance on completing application form
FEL VIII “On the Margins of Nations: Endangered Languages and Linguistic Rights”, Barcelona 1-3 Oct. 2004: an Insider's View
Report by Joan Argenter, Conference Chairman, and leader of our partner, the UNESCO Chair of Languages and Education at Barcelona.

3. Endangered Languages in the News
Effects of the Tsunami: the Fate of the Languages of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
First Confirmed News on Isolated Tribes of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Endangered Language Coverage in the Economist
Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave- by David Crystal

4. Appeals, News and Views from Endangered Communities
Threat to Chuvash Autonomy
Scottish moves to save Gaelic
End of the Line for the Welsh Language Board

5. Allied Societies and Activities
Request for Proposals, Endangered Language Fund
The Language Query Room
Native Nations, Native Voices: Albuquerque, July 2005?

6. Letters to the Editor
Marius Barbeau - Canada's answer to J.P. Harrington
Visit from Suya (Kiseji) community of the Xingu Park of Brazil

7. Overheard on the Web
Talking a Language Back From the Brink. Hawaiian professors band together to revive the islands' dying native tongue
Common mistakes:
Hawaiian Chants:
Microsoft will translate Windows into Quechua and Mapudungun for Andean markets
Bambi Speaks Arapaho
Our Voices - Omushkego Oral History (N. Manitoba & Ontario)
Alutiiq Revitalization
Records for Community Multilingualism
The FEL Chairman meets Lucia,
Aranese chanteuse

8. Places to Go - On the Net and in the World
Kolyma Yukaghir: Online Documentation
Lakota Language Consortium
WOCAL (World Congress of African Linguistics
Vanishing Voices: the Film
Languages of Saskatchewan
Courses on Less Commonly Taught Languages
Technology-Enhanced Language Revitalization :at: the University of Arizona
Hansson Übersetzungen Updated to Include Catalan and Sorbian
Frontier Language Institute Launches Website
Patua of Macao
Inuit Language (Inuktitut) with a new home on Net

9. Forthcoming Meetings
Conf. on Endangered Languages and Cultures of Native America, 8-9 Apr 2005
Less Commonly Taught Languages, 15-17April 2005
2nd International Vernacular Colloquium (Puebla, Mexico) 26 – 29 Oct. 2005

10. Recent Publications
The Non-Pama-Nyungan languages of northern Australia: Comparative studies of the continent’s most linguistically complex region - Nicholas Evans (ed.)
Nyangumarta: A language of the Pilbara region of Western Australia - Janet Catherine Sharp
The Duugidjawu language of southeast Queensland: Grammar, texts and vocabulary- Suzanne Kite and S. Wurm
The Bunganditj (Buwandik) language of the Mount Gambier Region - Barry Blake
I’saka: A sketch grammar of a language of north-central New Guinea - Mark Donohue and Lila San Roque
Tibeto-Burman languages of Nepal: Manange and Sherpa - Carol Genetti (editor)
Anne-Marie de Mejia ed., Bilingual Education in South America

11. Book Reviews
Review of Robert A. Scebold: Central Tagbanwa - a Philippine Language on the Brink of Extinction
Review of G. Tucker Childs: An Introduction to African Languages.

12. Valedictory
Samuel Billison: Navajo Codetalker
Kay Williamson

13. Photographs from FEL VIII Barcelona..