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8. Forthcoming Meetings

'Human Inheritance: Genes, Language and Evolution': Wolfson Lectures at Oxford University, Spring 1997

The FEL Secretary, Andrew Woodfield, reports:
The Wolfson lectures this year are on the theme 'Human inheritance: genes, language and evolution'. The following may be of interest to members of FEL with access to Oxford. All are at 5pm in the Hall of Wolfson College and are open to the public.

23 Jan Thurs. Prof Lord Renfrew (Cambridge) 'Approaches to world linguistic diversity'
4 Feb Tues. Prof D. Ringe (Penn) 'Language classification: scientific and unscientific methods'
4 Mar Tues. Prof R. Ward 'Language and genes in the Americas'

The other lectures are not specifically about language.

Symposium on Endangered Languages in Africa, Summer 1997

This will be held at the University of Leipzig from July 31st to August 1st, 1997. The Symposium will be part of the 2nd World Congress of African Linguistics which takes place from 27.07.-3.08.1997 in Leipzig.

The Symposium on Endangered Languages in Africa will be organized by Matthias Brenzinger and chaired by Bernd Heine, both from the Insitut fr Afrikanistik, University of Cologne. The papers submitted to the Symposium may either focus on specific endangered languages and regional situations and by that contribute to the documentation of endangered African languages, or may pertain to discussions on theoretical and methodological aspects of language endangerment on the African continent. Provisional titles of presentations (20 min) and abstracts (maximum one typewritten page) should be submitted to:



Matthias Brenzinger
Institut fr Afrikanistik
University zu Koln
D-50923 Koln Germany
e-mail: Matthias.Brenzinger(at)
Tel: (+49) 221 - 470 2708
Fax: (+49) 221 - 470 5158

All participants of the Symposium are obliged to register for participation at the 2nd World Congress of African Linguistics through the organizers of the Congress:
Ekkehard Wolff
Institut fur Afrikanistik
University Leipzig
Augustusplatz 9
D-04109 Leipzig Germany
e-mail: wocal97(at)
Tel. (+49) 341 - 97 37 036
Fax. (+49) 341 - 97 37 048

Language Development Institute, Univ. of Arizona,Tucson - June 1997
Linguistic Diversity & Pluralism: Family, Community, and Tribal Perspectives

From 2 to 27 June, the University of Arizona, Department of Language, Reading and Culture and the American Indian Studies Program will host the 1997 American Indian Language Development Institute ( the 18th AILDI). Offering 6 graduate or undergraduate credit hours, the AILDI involves linguists, tribal elders, bilingual/ESL specialists, teachers, aides and school administrators in an integrated, holistic learning experience focusing on American Indian languages and cultures. All courses lead toward regular degree programs and toward bilingual and ESL endorsements.

Further information can be obtained by sending name and sddress, + place of appointment and position to:
AILDI, Department of Language, Reading and Culture, College of Education, Room 517, P.O. Box 210069, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721-0069; or call (520)621-1068; FAX (520)621-8174;