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# 4 Winter - 31 January 1997
Editor: Nicholas D. M. Ostler

Published by:
Foundation for Endangered Languages,
Batheaston Villa, 172 Bailbrook Lane, Bath BA1 7AA, England
e-mail: nostler(at)
Phone: +44/(0) -1225-852865 Fax: +44/(0) -1225-859258

1. Guest Editorial

2. Development of the Foundation
Committee Meetings
30th September 1966 at 10 Bears Hedge, Iffley, Oxford
7th December 1996 at Batheaston Villa, Bath .
General Meeting
7th December 1996 at Batheaston Villa, Bath
Abstract of Greville Corbett's "Language endangerment: a linguist's perspective"
Conclusion of Darrell Posey's "Biological and Cultural Diversity - the Inextricable Linked by Language and Politics"

3. Appeals and News from Endangered Communities
Developments in a Kuna community in Alto Bayano (eastern Panam·)
Attacks on Indians in Rondonia, Brazil
The Two Groups of Indians Contacted in Rondonia in 1995
Amazon Rancher Carries Out "Ethnic Cleansing" of Indians to Get Land in Rondonia
Another disturbing report from Rondonia
Violence in Chiapas, Mexico

4. Allied Societies and Activities
Creation of The Endangered Language Fund, Inc.
"Endangered Languages, Endangered Knowledge, Endangered Environments". U California, Berkeley on October 25-27, 1996
Diversity Loss on Earth
Links Between Biological and Cultural Diversity
Future Directions
Action Items from LSA Endangered Language Meeting, Chicago, 4 Jan. 97
1. Development of a Plan for Honoring the Linguistic Contributions of Native Speakers of Endangered Languages.
2. Endangered Language Scholarship at the LSA Annual Meeting.
3. Database on Endangered Languages.
4. The Use of Linguistic Information in Community Settings.
5. Development of a CELP Web Page.
6. Disciplinary "Agitation".
Final Comment

5. Field Work Reports
Language Death in Central Nigeria, by Roger Blench
Armenians In Austria, by Jasmine Dum-Tragut
Languages of Austrian Armenians
The linguistic settings of Austrian Armenians

6. Overheard on the Web
Ulterior Motives for Indigenous Language Broadcasts in Mexico? - Ricardo J. Salvador
National American Indian Heritage Month, 1996, by the President of the USA
On Supporting Threatened Languages, by Trond Trosterud
Exact information on the state-of-the-art
Active utilising of intervening majority language borders
The right to positive identification with own ethnic identity
Dictionary FROM the majority language
Not only small languages are threatened
Internet and the number of graphemes in the character set standards
Minority language road signs
Passive bilingualism in families

7. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World
ACLU briefing on English-Only Language Policy
Universal Declarations of Rights, Multilingually Lessons in Quechua

8. Forthcoming Meetings
'Human Inheritance: Genes, Language and Evolution': Wolfson Lectures at Oxford University, Spring 1997
Symposium on Endangered Languages in Africa, Summer 1997
Language Development Institute, Univ. of Arizona,Tucson - June 1997

9. Publications of Interest
Some Encouraging Readings on Language Maintenance, by Nancy Dorian
MITWPL Papers on Endangered Languages
Scott Palmer, Jaap Feenstra: on the Dynamics of Language Shift

10. Obituaries
Kasabe (Luo)