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OGMIOS Newsletter # 10 : 31 December 1998
Editor: Nicholas D. M. Ostler

Published by:
Foundation for Endangered Languages,
Batheaston Villa, 172 Bailbrook Lane, Bath BA1 7AA, England
e-mail: nostler(at)
Phone: +44/(0) -1225-852865 Fax: +44/(0) -1225-859258

1. Editorial: Light and Shade 3

2. Development of the Foundation 3
Announcing Our Second Round of Grants 3
FELís Second Conference: Outcome 4
FEL Executive Committee Meeting, University of Edinburgh Pollock Halls, 27 September 98, 2pm 5
FEL Executive Committee Meeting, Batheaston Villa, 28 November 98, 2pm 7

3. Language Endangerment: Policy Issues 8
Australiaís Northern Territory will phase out Bilingual Education for Aboriginals 8
UK Committed to Sign the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in respect of Welsh; Active Consideration for Irish and Scots Gaelic 10
Poignant report on the Regional Languages and Cultures of France 11
Parliamentary Report on the Status of Corsican (in French): Statut de la langue corse dans l'enseignement, Corse, Septembre 1998 11
Census of Canada's Aboriginal languages 11
Mirandes Recognized within Portugal 13

4. Appeals and News from Endangered Communities 13
Revival of Livonian Language in Latvia 13
Uphill Struggle for Teilifis na Gaeilge 15
University Aid Sought for Akha Publishing 15

5. Fieldwork Reports 16
Report from Mark Donohue: The languages of Wasur: archivists and activists 16
Modern South Arabian Languages: an overview by Anda Hofstede 17

6. Allied Societies and Activities 19
Request for Proposals, Endangered Language Fund 19
1998 Annual Report of the LSA Committee on Endangered Languages and their Preservation (CELP) 20

7. Overheard on the Web 23
AOL-UK Censorship of Irish Language 23

8. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World 23
Asturian site 23
Linguistic Olympics 23
Babel seeks multilingual correspondents and translators 24
MOST Clearing House on Linguistic Rights--UNESCO 24
Sources related to Indigenous Knowledge 24
Welsh Materials 24

9. Forthcoming Meetings 24
Linguistic Anthropology in the Circumpolar World: Fairbanks, Alaska, 1-3 Apr. 1999 24
Chicago Linguistic Society. University of Chicago, IL, April 22-24 25
Student Conference in Linguistics 11 with Special Theme of Endangered Languages. The University of Texas at Austin. May 8-9, 1999. 25
Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics 1999: Language in Our Time: Bilingual Education and Official English, Ebonics and Standard English, Immigration and the Unz Initiative, May 6 - 8, 1999 25
Stabilizing Indigenous Languages (Tucson, AZ, June 3-5, 1999) 26
Workshop on Language Maintenance and Death at LSA Summer Institute, U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, July 17-18,1999 26
Language Policy at the Millennium, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel, November 23-25, 1999 27
Conference on Languages in Contact, Groningen University, November 25-26, 1999 27
Sociolinguistics Symposium 2000: The Interface between Linguistics and Social Theory. UWE (Bristol), 27-29 April 2000 28

10. Publications of Interest 28
Hopi Dict. / Hopiiikwa Lavaytutuveni 28
Endangered Languages in Africa (ed. Matthias Brenzinger) 28
Language Culture & Curriculum: special issue on Indigenous, Community-based Education 29
Writing the Wind - a Celtic Resurgence. ed. Thomas Rain Crowe, with Gwendal Denez and Tom Hubbard 29
Rex Lee Jim: People from Here 29

11. Words of Parting 29

In this edition, Mark Donohue reports on his visit to Wasur in S.E. Irian Jaya, jointly funded by FEL and the Endangered Language Fund. There he made contact with the Marind, Yei, Morori and Kanum peoples. Our cover shows a photograph taken by Mark in Wasur, of a Kanum man in front of a termite mound.