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1. Editorial: an Honest Outsider 3
Travels in an Old Tongue: Touring the World Speaking Welsh — by Pamela Petro. HarperCollins Flamingo: 1997 3

2. Development of the Foundation 3
The Foundation’s Grants in 1999-2000 3
President’s Report on 1999-2000 4
A New Committee 5

3. Language Endangerment in the News 5

4. Appeals and News from Endangered Communities 6
1st Conference on Bilingual-Intercultural Education in the Sumu-Mayangna Languages - indigenous languages and 'Western' linguistics. 6
An Independent Academic Study on Cornish by Kenneth Mackinnon 7
TV Breton: Fest Noz Cathodique 9
Campaign to Site Language Body in West Belfast 9
Canadian Indians Could Force Bankruptcy on Anglican Church in Canada 10
Protest on behalf of Funding for Sorbian 10
German School Atlases will Carry Sorbian Placenames 11
The Last of the Tofalar: a People's Identity Lost to Soviet Rule 11
New Kyrghyz-Uzbek media launched in Osh, Kyrghyzstan 13
OFTEL Publishes Consultation Document on Welsh Language Scheme 13
Adding Extinction to Extortion: Eircom withdraws Irish language service 13

5. Allied Societies and Activities 14
The Asmara Declaration on African Languages and Literatures (Jan. 2000) 14
European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) - Evaluating Policy Measures for Minority Languages in Europe 14
‘EU-Catalogue on basic rights’ 16
Indigenous Rights, according to the UN 16
NATO Advanced Study Inst.: Language Engineering for Lesser Studied Languages 17
The Major African Languages in the 21st Century - Les Langues Africaines De Grande Communication Au 21e Siecle 17
Spinoza Research Program: Lexicon and Syntax 18
COCOSDA Report on Technology in Local Languages: Appeal for Information 21

6. Correspondence with Ogmios 21
Bad-Godesberg Workshop in Ogmios 2.2: clarification 21
Habitats Project - consultants? 21

7. Matters Overheard on the Web 21
Defender of a Small Nation: Livonia - Hubert Jakobs 21
New Report Recommends Dedicated Channel for Scots Gaelic Television 22
Note on Hassanpour: Language Rights in the Emerging World Linguistic Order 23

8. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World 23
UN Declaration of Human Rights 23
Indigenous Knowledge Pages 23
Sorbian 23
Instituto Ibero-Americano, Berlin 23
eLandnet: Minorities and Indigenous Peoples on the Internet 23
Taino Tribal language 23
Central Asian Studies World Wide 24
Crimean Tatar On-line 24
TRT-Avrasya-Turkiye'den 24
Scholarship on Native American languages 24
“Shoecabbages” in Kansas City 24
Klamath (a language of Oregon) Still Hanging On, Just 24
War Ar Stank — Journal for Breton Diaspora 24
Tiniest Languages Have a Home on Net 25

9. Forthcoming Meetings 25
Gullah: A Linguistic Legacy of Africans in America: 3 Nov 2000, Washington DC 25
Multilinguae Congress: San Sebastian / Donostia, Spain. 8-9 November 2000 25
Endangered Languages of the Pacific Rim: Kyoto, Japan 24-25 Nov 2000 26
Web-Based Language Documentation (Philadelphia, Dec. 12-15) 26
3rd International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB3) Bristol 18-20 April 2001 26
U. Penn.: Ethnography in Education "Situating Literacies & Learning" 2-3 March 2001 26
MICOLLAC 2001: 2nd Malaysia International Conference on Languages, Literatures and Cultures 26
7th Himalayan Languages Symposium, Uppsala Univ. 7-9 Sept 2001 27

10. Reviews 27
Taskforce on Public Funding for Gaelic: “Revitalising Gaelic – A National Asset” by FEL Campaigns Manager, Alasdair MacCaluim 27
Nettle, David & Suzanne Romaine — Vanishing Voices: the Extinction of the World’s Languages. Oxford University Press 2000. 28
Studies in Minority Languages, ed. Kazuto Matsumura. 28

11. Publications of Interest 29
Himalayan Space: Cultural Horizons and Practices. Ed. Balthasar Bickel & Martin Gaenszle 29
Warrabarna Kaurna: Reclaiming an Australian Language — Rob Amery 29
CD-ROM: Pueblos Indigenas ~ Herri Indigenak 29
Gramática do Kamaiurá: Língua Tupi-Guarani do Alto Xingu — Lucy Seki 29
Video: The Strength of the Indigenous People of Mut Vitz 30
Languages in Britain & Ireland, ed Glanville Price, Blackwell, 2000 30
Encyclopedia of the Languages of Europe, ed Glanville Price, Blackwell, 2000 30
Learn in Beauty: Indigenous Education for a New Century, ed. Jon Reyhner, Joseph Martin, Louise Lockard, and W. Sakiestewa Gilbert. 30
E brezhoneg pa gari ! En breton quand tu voudras 30

12. Obituaries 30
A near-final speaker of Anambé, N. Brazil 30
Last fluent speakers of Ioway-Otoe-Missouria 30

This is Charles Bird King’s 1828 portrait of Sequoyah, (ca. 1776-1843), inventor of Cherokee writing.

A silversmith by trade, and unable to read in any other language, neverthe-less from 1809 he worked to devise this first writing system for Cherokee. The result is a syllabary of 85 letters, based on systematic, phonetic principles, immediately adopted by his people.

He was the local hero providing inspiration for FEL’s 2000 conference held over 21-24 September 2000 in Charleston, North Carolina, USA, on the theme: Endangered Languages and Literacy.