Foundation for Endangered Languages

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1. Our Sisyphean Task 3

2. Development of the Foundation 3
The Language Challenge 3
Call for Abstracts: FEL V: "Endangered Languages and the Media", Agadir, Morocco. 21-24 Sept. 2001 3
Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting on 17th March, 2001, 2 Wanbourne Lane, Nettlebed, UK 4
Report on FEL Grant: Documenting the lexicon of Tuahka (Nicaragua). 5

3. Language Endangerment in the News 5
Vanishing tongues: Scientists fight to save world's disappearing languages - from the Boston Globe 5
Silence as songs are lost for words - from ‘The Australian' 6
UN Environment Programme calls for support of Indigenous Languages and Cultures 8
Finding Our Talk: TV series on Canada’s Aboriginal languages 9
Brazil seeks out Indigenous Tribes 10
Britain ratifies European Charter 10

4. Appeals, News and Views from Endangered Communities 11
Attitudes to and within Brittany 11
Many songs, one tune: response on behalf of the Tofa(lar) 11
Campaigners Delighted at Welsh Medium School Victory 13
ABC Amazigh: journal qui demande notre aide. Azul fellawen d fellakwent! 13
News of the N|u languages, and an Appeal 14
Euchee elder’s death damages bid to keep history alive. Tulsa, Oklahoma. 14
Time for a literature in Rapa Nui, a potentially endangered language? 14
Scots Gaelic Broadcasting Examined 16

5. Allied Societies and Activities 16
New Gaelic Speakers call for Gaelic Park Policy 16
Humboldt University officially endorses retention of Chair of Celtic Studies. 16
Threat to Scots Gaelic Education in Perth Lifted 16
New Journal: Revista LIAMES - Línguas Indígenas da América do Sul 17
Linguistic Human Rights and Democracy in Communication 17
The Endangered Language Fund's Projects, 2000 18
Whatever Happened to the Money Promised by UNESCO? 19
Results of the Volkswagen-Stiftung’s Call for Pilot Projects (ann. 8 Jan 2001) 20
Malawi Language Policy: Publication 20

6. Reports on Meetings 21
Multimedia and Minority Languages, San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain, 8-9 Nov. 2000 21
International Conference on Endangered Languages, Kyoto, Nov 24-25, 2000 21

7. Overheard on the Web 23
Linux and Ethnodiversity 23
Asuilaak, the online Inuktitut Living Dictionary, is launched 24
Work to Save Odawa in Wisconsin 25

8. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World 25
Words and Images: a Portrait of Languages 25
(American) Indigenous Languages 2000 25
Grupo de Trabalho de Línguas Indígenas (ANPOLL) 25
On-line Course in Aymara 26
Native students' Lushootseed website 26
Cornish Website: Agan Tavas 26
Direct your own movie - in Welsh 26
Database of Proposed Linguistic Universals 26
Open Languages Archive Community 26
Online grammar of Udi (SE Caucasian) or 'Lezgian' 26
Zapotec grammar 26
Inuktitut magazine 27
Latin American web archive (pilot) 27

9. Forthcoming Meetings 27
Archiving Language Materials in Web-Accessible DBs - Ethical Challenges: 22 April 2001, U. Texas at Austin. 27
Deictic Systems & Quantification In Languages Spoken In Europe & North & Central Asia, May 22-25, 2001 27
Conference on Indigenous Bilingual Education: Guatemala, July 25-27, 2001 27
Linguistic Perspectives on Endangered Languages: Univ. Helsinki, Aug 29 – Sept 1, 2001. 28
Language and Society on the Threshold of a New Millenium: Moscow, 23-26 Oct. 2001 28
Des langues collatérales - problèmes de la proximité linguistique: Amiens, 21-24 nov. 2001 28

10. Publications of Interest 29
Can Threatened Languages Be Saved? Reversing Language Shift, Revisited: A 21st Century Perspective, edited by Joshua A. Fishman 29
The Other Languages of Europe: Demographic, Sociolinguistic and Educational Perspectives, edited by Guus Extra and Durk Gorter 29
Mercator Media Forum no. 4 30
Grammar and dictionary of Crimean Tatar (in Russian) 30

11. Valedictory 30
Lino de la Rosa 30