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OGMIOS Newsletter 2.5 (#17) : Summer — 31 August 2001 ISSN 1471-0382
Editor: Nicholas D. M. Ostler

1. Old Ken Hale is a Merry Old Tale 3
Jane Simpson, David Nash, Mary Laughren, Peter Austin and Barry Alpher, ed. Forty Years On: Ken Hale and Australian Languages. 3

2. Foundation-Supported Projects 4
Testing of bilingual competence in children in Ethiopia 4
Khang -an endangered language in Vietnam 5
Lavukaleve dictionary project 6

3. Other Reports from the Field 6
Three African Field-Reports from Roger Blench: Ganang, Sambe and Tchumbula 6
Outré but not “Out” in 1960s Britain: the Polari Language 8
Note on the Kusunda Language 8

4. Appeals, News and Views from Endangered Communities 10
Manx Gaelic Medium Unit Confirmed 10
The Language and Cultural Siidas of the Finnish Sámi 10
Changing Scripts in Written Azeri 11
King of Morocco Announces Creation of Berber Culture Institute 11
Language of the Bounty mutineers to be taught in island school 11

5. Allied Societies and Activities 12
Further News of the Language Challenge: Pob Hwyl i Ti, Nigel! 12
AOL on the Line 12
Volkswagen Foundation Grants 12

6. Lang. Endangerment in the News 13
Associated Press reports that “Half of world's 6,800 languages could die by 2100”, quoting the Worldwatch Institute 13

7. Reports on Events 14
It’s The Same Old Song: a view of the Eurovision Song Contest 14
Eighth Annual Symposium: Stabiliz’g Indigenous Languages: “Merging Tradition and Technology”, June 14-16, 2001 14

8. Overheard on the Web 15
Some Sanity from Octavio Paz 15
Request for Contributions to Crystal Anthology 15
Learning Mingo-EGADS 15
Language identification sought 15
Vernacular kinship terminologies 15
Brief Translation into ELs Needed 15
Problems Empowering Indigenous Peoples 15

9. Places to Go, on the Web ... 16
Orbis Latinus, Internet site on Romance languages 16
Portuguese/Spanish/English site for Amerindian languages 16
Origin Myths 16
Glossary of Jamaican Terms 16
Online Learning Centre for Maori 16
Resources for Endangered Languages 16
Endangered Language Resources at 16
Bibliography of Russia’s Minority Languages 16
South Asian languages biblio 17
Some on-line language maps 17
Nahuatl pages at SIL-Mexico site 17
A Language Dies? - EGA: a Documentation Model for an Endangered Ivorian Language 17

10. Forthcoming Meetings 17
Minority Linguistics Paulilatino (Sardinia, Italy), Dec 6-8, 2001: Call for Papers 17
Workshop on multilingualism and language endangerment, Mannheim, Germany, 27 Feb - 1 Mar 2002 18
The End of Babel? Symposium - 26 Sept 2001, U. Southampton 18
Galicia: a Language, a People, Univ. Birmingham, 28-29 Sept 2001 19
Línguas Indígenas Brasileiras: Fonologia, Gramática e História, 8 a 12 de outubro de 2001, em Belêm do Pará 19
Speakers of Smaller Languages in the Big World: New Bulgarian University, Dept Modern & Applied Linguistics, Sofia, Bulgaria. October 26-28, 2001 20
Language-Society-History: the Balkans. Thessaloniki, 11-12 November 2001. 20
Languages of the Americas Workshop: Edmonton, March 22-24, 2002 20
ARCLING II: Archaeology & Linguistics of Australia: Canberra, Oct 1-4, 2002 21

11. Book Reviews & Announcements 21
Joshua A. Fishman (ed.) Can Threatened Languages be Saved? — reviewed by Chris Moseley 21
Tove Skutnabb.Kangas Linguistic Genocide in Education or World Wide Diversity and Human Rights — reviewed by Nigel Birch 22
Northern Realities: Vincent McKee Gaelic Nations - Politics 22
of the Gaelic Language in Scotland & Northern Ireland in the 20th Century — reviewed by Kenneth MacKinnon 23
Rob Amery Warrabarna Kaurna! Reclaiming an Australian Language — reviewed by Karen Johnson-Weiner 24
Little Jack Horner’s Christmas Pie: Alwin Fill & Peter Mühlhäusler ed. Ecolinguistics Reader: language ecology & environment — reviewed by Nicholas Ostler 24

12. Book Announcements 25
Valentin Vydrine: Esquisse contrastive du kagoro (Manding). 25
Frances Karttunen and Jan-Ola Östman, ed.: Issues of Minority Peoples. 25
Luisa Maffi, ed.: On Biocultural Diversity: Linking language, Knowledge, and the Environment 25
John Lynch: The Linguistic History of Southern Vanuatu 26
Nikolaus P. Himmelmann, ed.: Sourcebook on Tomini-Tolitoli languages: General information and word lists 26
David Rose: The Western Desert Code — An Australian Crypto-grammar 26
William Lamb: Grammar of Scottish Gaelic 26
Peter Bakker and Marcia Rooker: The political status of the Romani language in Europe 26
Tebtebba Foundation: Highlights of the International Conference on Conflict Resolution ..., Manila, 6-8 Dec 2000 26
Mark Warschauer: Technology and Indigenous Language Revitalization — Analysing the Experience of Hawai'i 26

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