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From Illustrated Dictionary of the South-West Aboriginal Language (Edith Cowan University, Claremont, Western Australia, 1996) by Wilf Douglas (who died in March). His obituary appears on page 23.

OGMIOS Newsletter 2.11 (#23) : Spring — 30 April 2004 ISSN 1471-0382 Editor: Nicholas D. M. Ostler Assistant Editors: Roger Blench, Joseph Blythe, Serena D'Agostino, Christopher Hadfield, Francis M Hult, Andrea Ritter

Published by:
Foundation for Endangered Languages,
Batheaston Villa, 172 Bailbrook Lane, Bath BA1 7AA, England
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1. Editorial: O Felix Peccatum Babel!
Spoken Here: Travels among Threatened Languages. Mark Abley.

2. Development of the Foundation
FEL Grants 2004
Alejandra Vidal (Pilagá)
Jim Ellis (Talaabog)
Andrei Filtchenko (Vasyugan Khanty)
Daniela Croco de Oliveira (Sowaintê)
Mageret Okon (Kiong)
Bidisha Som (Great Andamanese)
This year's conference: FEL VIII Barcelona — On the Margin of Nations, 1-3 October 2004

3. Lang. Endangerment in the News
Brazil’s Tariana and Sasha Aikhenvald: for Want of a Word
Chiricahua Apache: Movie spurs interest in ‘Missing’ dialect
Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ raises profile of Aramaic
I'll teach you to speak Aramaic
Jesuit scholar who translated The Passion
Chile's Kawesqar, Yaghan: Say No More

4. Appeals, News and Views from Endangered Communities
Linguistic Study on the Usage of Irish in the Gaeltacht Announced
Official Language Status for Irish in Europe?
Rajasthani language recognized
First ever daily newspaper in Welsh - Y Byd (‘The World’)
Endangered Zolai, language of Myanmar
Berber textbook goes on display
Microsoft working on Native Tongues
User-friendly Dictionaries
Gwynedd Council calls on Brittany government to aid Breton
Rodríguez Zapatero to strive for EU recognition of Catalan

5. Allied Societies and Activities
NSW Aboriginal Languages Database Project
Australia's endangered heritages
Global Source Book on Biocultural Diversity: Call for Contributions
Native Amer. Literatures and Translation
New Building Opened for Endangered Languages Archive and Research
EBLUL recommendations for the Inter-Govt. Conf. on Draft Treaty of the European Constitution

6. Reports on Field Research Luri: final traces of a South Bauchi Language of Central Nigeria
The Dyarum [=Kaiwari] people and their language
Notes on the Panawa (Bujiyel) people and language
Notes on the Tunzu (Duguza) people and language

7. Overheard on the Web
Yale World Fellows Program Digital race to save languages: Comments from OLAC

8. Places to Go, on the Web and in the World
Lesser Known Languages of India
Canadian Aboriginal News Service
Language Status in Afghanistan
Berkeley Survey Catalogue Online
Lexicography Discussion Group
Educational Linguistics Listserve
Creek Language Archive
New address for Cheyenne Language Page
Valencian is now
Kirrkirr 4.0
Linguist's Search Engine
Info about
Research on Lang. Policy & Lang. Planning

9. Forthcoming Meetings
10th Linguapax Congress: Lang. Diversity, Sustainability and Peace, Barcelona, 20-3 May 2004
4th SALTMIL Workshop on Minority Langs. Lisbon, 24 May 2004
11th Annual Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Conf. Berkeley, 11-13 June, 2004
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), 23-28 August 2004, Amsterdam/Leiden: African, Endangered Languages, Andean-Amazonian
August 26, 2004, NWO workshop Endangered Languages Program
August 27/28 Symposium on Languages and Cultures in the Andean/Amazonian Border Symposium on Languages and Cultures of the Andean/Amazonian Border Area Law, Language and Linguistic Diversity, Beijing, 15-18 Sept. 2004
III Mercator: Linguistic diversity and education: challenges and opportunities, Ljouwert (Fryslân), 25 - 27 Nov 2004

10. Publications of Interest
*Language Documentation and Description, vol. 1, ed. Peter K. Austin
Sharing a World of Difference: the Earth's linguistic, cultural and biological diversity "Native Languages As World Languages…", "Lessons Learned for Native Language Activists …" Quichua and Spanish in the Ecuadorian Highlands: The Effects of Long-term Contact, by Marleen Haboud
LINGUASHOP: CDROMs for Minority Languages of Europe
The lexicon of Proto Oceanic: culture & environment of ancestral Oceanic society. Vol. 2: physical env.
"Getting Language Rights: the Rhetorics of Language Endangerment and Loss" by Joseph Errington
*Thangani Bunuba: Stories from the Bunuba Elders of the Fitzroy Valley
Beginning Creek: Mvskoke Emponvkv
"Language Shift from Mother Tongues towards Fulfulde …"
Learn Michif By Listening

11. Recent Meetings
Does the EU have a language policy? Mercator Legislation conference, Tarragona

12. Valedictory
Wilfrid Henry Douglas (died 22 March 2004, aged 86)